Christmas Art

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  • Started: 12/11/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 12/13/2007 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 20
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
Christmas Art
Contest Directions: This year's Christmas Tree at the White House will be decorated with ornaments that feature America's national parks - the theme chosen by the first lady Laura Bush. The artists to draw these ornaments were chosen from a nation-wide contest which attracted over 347 artists who sent their ornament designs.
Photoshop Christmas Art by giving a Christmas theme to old paintings, drawings, or statues. Dress up the characters in paintings (statues, drawings) as Santa or elves, add candy canes, Christmas tree and socks to the paintings, add snow - these are just some ideas.

Contest Info

    • Started: 12/11/2007 06:00
    • Ended: 12/13/2007 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 20
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
20 pictures
  • Bouguereau Christmas

    Bouguereau Christmas
        • Stunningly well done. In fact this is probably the best remake of this painting I have ever seen. Congratulations on your first gold, INR!
        • Congrats on your first Gold err Hulk Hogan?
        • Congrats Randy! If that is your name. a beauty indeed!
  • Christmas Lullaby by Bouguereau

    Christmas Lullaby by Bouguereau
        • Artistic work, Rain! Congratulations on the silver!
        • Congrats x2 Rainman! beautiful works! Happy Holidays!
        • Excellent work Rainman... this one is just waiting to be on a series of Xmas cards...
  • Christmas Angel with a Bauble

    Christmas Angel with a Bauble
        • Smooth work. Reminds me the old time Christmas cards. Congratulations, Arizona!
        • Lots of slick chopping here! loved it! congrats again!
  • Santa Astronomer Painting

    Santa Astronomer Painting
        • Lots of nice little details in this.
        • This is a beauty, Deb. Lots of details here - full view is a must.
  • Santa in Holland with a Deer by J Koekkoek

    Santa in Holland with a Deer by J Koekkoek
        • Excellent work, gives the good old times feeling.
  • Santa Portrait by Raphael

    Santa Portrait by Raphael
        • I am not familiar with the painting, but you did a fine job with it.
  • American Gothic Christmas

    American Gothic Christmas
        • The red nose makes her facial expression particularly evocative.
        • I agree the red nose is a great touch. Quality work here!
  • Venus & Christmas Tree

    Venus & Christmas Tree
  • Christmas Girls

    Christmas Girls
        • I like the composition. You could add realism by blurring the new images to match the softness of the painting.
        • I agree with Luna. Still a great job, Laff!
        • You are both right babes... but dunno how my title got changed??? It was - "The girl next door". ... x
  • Cave Art Christmas

    Cave Art Christmas
        • The idea is one of the best in the contest - I like your way of thinking.
  • Santa in a Bauble by Escher

    Santa in a Bauble by Escher
        • (The link to Escher's original doesn't seem to work)
  • Santa Giving Adam a Bauble

    Santa Giving Adam a Bauble
        • Love it - especially the satire on Adam
  • Gift from Santa Claus Painting

    Gift from Santa Claus Painting
  • Christmas Eve at Nighthawks

    Christmas Eve at Nighthawks
  • Mona Lisa Christmas

    Mona Lisa Christmas
        • Good work. I don't think this is a copy. It's just natural that more than one people thought of the same idea, considering the popularity of Mona painting.
  • Mona Lisa in a Santa Hat

    Mona Lisa in a Santa Hat
  • Goya Christmas

    Goya Christmas
        • Hey---A man's gotta eat! Besides, I like her in green.
        • laughing my arse off author's comment. Nice work, and pass our regards to your husband!
  • Christ at Christmas

    Christ at Christmas
        • Good work, hohouse. I like that you used the Santa cap from the apprentice contest source.
  • Neptune Statue with a Candy Cane

    Neptune Statue with a Candy Cane
  • Nativity Scene in a Bubble

    Nativity Scene in a Bubble
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Christmas is one of the main Christian holidays, celebrated in the honor of birth of Jesus Christ (embodiment) in flesh. Majority of churches celebrate Christmas on December 25. Roman Catholic Church and majority of protestant churches celebrate Christmas according to Gregorian calendar. Some orthodox churches including The Ecumenical Patriarchate (apart from Athos), Patriarchate of Antioch, Patriarchate of Alexandria and churches of Romania, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece observe Christmas as per New Julian calendar, which will with coincide with Gregorian Calendar till 2800 yr. Churches of Jerusalem, Russia and Serbia and also Old Calendar Eastern and Eastern Catholic Churches observe Christmas on 25th December as per Julian calendar. Armenian Apostolic Church observes Christmas and Feast of Epiphany on same day January 6 as in the case of Old Church. Christmas in Gospel: According to Gospels, Jesus Christ was born (embodied) during the rule of imperator "August" in Israel's city Bethlehem in the family of carpenter Joseph, who is betrothed from Nazareth and Mary (Virgin Mary and Ever Mary), who reached Bethlehem to take part in census of population. Since no room was vacant in hotel, family was forced to spend the night in cave, which was mainly used as stable for sheltering the cattle from bad weather. During the birth of Christ, an angel appeared above the cave and informed about the birth to three sorcerers (soothsayers) (wise men). Shepherds were the first to visit and bow before the Son of God, who were informed about the birth of Christ by an angel, which later on informed the wise men. Wise men presented gifts to Christ gold, and very precious ointment (myrrh). Upon learning about the birth of Jesus Christ, Herod, the Tsar of Judea Province ordered slaughter of infants' up to an age of 2yrs but somehow Christ was rescued from the clutches of death miraculously. However, Joseph's family was compelled to run to Egypt and lived there till the death of Tsar Herod the Great. Origin of date: In the beginning, the Christians were Jews and did not observe Christmas and may be under the influence of Judaism (according to Judaism's beliefs, birth of a person is the "beginning of tribulations and pains"). Hence, in the first years of existence of Christianity, none showed interest in Christ's date of birth. From the belief point of view, Resurrection of Christ, which is now famous as "Easter", was more important for the first Christians. Only after the Greeks (and other Hellenistic communities) turned Christians, observing the Christmas was started under the influence of Hellenistic customs. Apparently, each community chose the Christmas date and did not have a single date. Frequently, 6th January was selected as Christmas (sixth day of the year as Christ is new Adam and Adam, according to Old Testament, was created on 6th day of creation). And this holiday ideologically combined both Christmas and Christening (Epiphany), which later on were celebrated as different holidays. Very popular holiday of pagans of Roman empire was birthday of the Invincible Sun "Sol Invictus" (latin Dies natalis Solis Invicti) on December 25 (winter solstice on the Julian calendar) linked with cult of Indo-Iranian god Mithra. According to the unanimous decisions of Fathers of churches, it was decided to celebrate Christmas on December 25. Thus, December 25 is conventional date. Attempts to establish year of birth of the Christ according to the dates of associated events (years of regimes of emperors, tsars, consuls etc.) did not lead to authentic results. Apparently, historically Jesus was born between 7-5 B.C. Notation, fixed on the basis of our era, was made in 525th year by Roman monk, apostolic archivist Dionis Small. Probably, Dionis relied on the data, available through phonographic collection for 354th year. Art is a process and the result of a meaningful expression of feelings in imagery, and also, it comprises of high standards of skills and workmanship in any field of human activity. Art is a mastery of conveying specific information to spectator or listener by only one from three- the graphics (fine arts), music, dance tools (media) or combination of these tools (multi-media) theater, ballet, opera, and cinema. Literature, as a type of art artistry of conveying information by means of letter, comes from the beginning of invention of letter. Art as a type of cultural activity of man started at the time of formation of nonverbal language tools of communication, and by the time when these tools lost their pure language functions art become independent cultural-aesthetic process. At present, in world cultural tradition, used are the definitions of art date back to the beginning of Mediterranean Antiquity, particularly in Greek-Roman perception of this term. Art dates back in nonverbal skills, reception of communication, and holding language information in memory. Pure communicative function is lost when man acquired speech. Communicative practicality of art together with the development of aesthetic aspect can be clearly observed in preliterate, folklore periods of culture of all people In all other aspects of cultural life later, like, as was in its time for conveying language information in best possible, complete and accessible way, best artists were brought in and most perfect skills of those times were used. This permitted us perceiving information easily, remembering it better and also successfully conveying complex cultural information from one generation to another. Based on this platform, which was practical before, did took shape tastes and requirements, and what now we call aesthetic influence and aesthetic perception. Not incidental though is the fact that the etymology of the word "art" in Greek language ("art, mastery, skill and craft ") underscores mastery and finesse. If a performer puts in his feelings in a new un-borrowed and meaningful way, any type of activity can be conditionally called as art. So, for instance, martial arts, computer games and etc., can be related to art by token of aesthetic perception of this activity's elements i.e., graphics, sound, movement and also by the approach to the level of masterfulness in performance.