Celebrity Weddings
Contest Directions: Today you are a matchmaker - photoshop celebrities and politicians most unlikely to marry. Showing extraordinary wedding a plus.
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  • Clinton Wedding

    Clinton Wedding
  • Whoopie Goldberg Wedding

    Whoopie Goldberg Wedding
  • Siegfried & Roy Wedding

    Siegfried & Roy Wedding
  • Yasser Arafat Wedding

    Yasser Arafat Wedding
  • Stephen Hawking Wedding

    Stephen Hawking Wedding
  • Aragorn Wedding

    Aragorn Wedding
  • Christina Aguilera Wedding

    Christina Aguilera Wedding
  • Sammy Haggar Wedding

    Sammy Haggar Wedding
  • Hillary Clinton Wedding

    Hillary Clinton Wedding
  • James Bond Wedding

    James Bond Wedding
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Wedding customs have a century old history, and all of them are meant to make a young married couple happy and strong. For many people a wedding is only real when a variety of wedding traditions and customs are observed. Each wedding tradition has its own history and special meaning. In order to show the frugality and readiness for matrimonial life, the bride herself in many European countries must buy the wedding shoes. The custom of the repayment of the bride is symbolical. Before wedding friends the bride abducted playfully, this is her parting with the parental house. If the groom did not find a fit wife the repayment is paid to his friends. Bridesmaids should try and distract her evil ghosts. To confuse them, they put on identical dresses together with the bride. Natural modesty and chastity were highly appreciated a lot; therefore the public kiss of the groom and the bride symbolized a long relation between them. In order that the groom was cleared of youthful sins, he should give the repayment before crossing through a rope tied before a portal of the church. Wedding ceremonies as such did not exist early on. Customs were simple, people believed, that they are the children of the nature, the relation between men and women had polygamous character. Quite often there was polygamy. It was not so simple to eradicate a century old culture of the people, so as a result by the 16th century, there appeared a wedding ceremony as a set of pagan and Christian beliefs. By the 16th century the wedding ritual took shape completely. Its basic stages, its participants, ritual dishes and clothes were defined. But taking into account the originality of Russian people, it was impossible to find even two villages where a wedding would be held equally. The main persons and the basic course of a wedding are the only things identical. Many parts of weddings attributes had been borrowed from other people. From ancient traditions came the wedding rings, a coverlet of the bride, candles, wedding gifts, the union of hands of the young couple etc. Before a wedding, young men should receive a blessing from their parents. In most western and eastern countries, parents were esteemed, and to get married secretly they very seldom dared as it was considered illegal. Marriages without the blessings of the parents were condemned by the country community and relatives and were considered that such marriages would not end well. Some wedding ideas: Wedding Ornaments: Pearl ornaments ideally suit the wedding dress. Wear a pearl necklace and small ear rings and you are a fine bride. However, it is completely not compulsory that the ornaments are of precious and semiprecious stones and metals. These days, many wedding salons offer a wide range of quality costume jewelry which look very beautiful on the bride. It is desirable not to be overzealous with ornaments. Everything should be harmonious. Do not take too much interest in the expensive, bulky ornaments with jewels. They work in high society get togethers. Do not forget, that you are the Queen without them also, so is it required that the shine of the ornaments is eclipsed by the shine of your own. And still, while selecting the wedding dress, it is necessary for the bride to take into consideration: * The time of the day when the wedding ceremony will take place * Whether the wedding will be held in a church * The original destinations of the wedding walk (driving on catamarans, horses, descents in underground caves etc.) In the news: There's no way former "Baywatch" star Carmen Electra and Jane's Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro could have had a regular wedding ceremony. The platinum-and-red invitations called for "hot" attire. And the 200 guests who arrived at the St. Regis Hotel in Los Angeles were greeted by men dressed in black with red masks, attire similar to "Eyes Wide Shut," one of the couple's favorite films.

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