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Contest Directions: Boxofficemojo has published the toplist of time travel movies based on their gross ticket receipts. Surprisingly no movies could beat the 1985 box office success of the first installment of "Back to the Future" - not even the Terminator or Star Trek flicks. Ironically, if you want a large box office for time travel movies, you have to go back in time to the 80s.
Photoshop time travel by placing any famous person out of his time. Think of the examples like what Einstein could be doing nowadays, or what movies Scarlett Johansson would star in 1950s.
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  • Al Gore Time Travel

    Al Gore Time Travel
  • Curly Time Travel

    Curly Time Travel
  • Marilyn Monroe Time Travel

    Marilyn Monroe Time Travel
  • Ashton Kutcher Time Travel

    Ashton Kutcher Time Travel
  • K-Fed Time Travel

    K-Fed Time Travel
  • Reagan Time Travel

    Reagan Time Travel
  • Mr. Bean Time Travel

    Mr. Bean Time Travel
  • Clint Easwood Time Travel

    Clint Easwood Time Travel
  • Dakota Fanning Time Travel

    Dakota Fanning Time Travel
  • Bush and Cheney Time Travel

    Bush and Cheney Time Travel
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Time travel is a hypothetical travel of human being or other object into past or future. In science fiction literature, a special facility “Time machine” is frequently used for time travel. Time travel methods into future: Modern day science allows several possible time travel methods into future (Strictly speaking, any person can time travel into future even when he simply lies on the couch but the discussion is about accelerated (quick) travel). 1. Physical (based on theory of relativity); With a speed, close to the speed of light. Travel time, measured in hours for the person who traveled at such speed, is always less than the measured travel time in hours for person who was stationary (“clock paradox”); Being in super gravitational zone, for example, near the horizon of black hole events; 2. Biological – Halt in body’s metabolism with subsequent restoration. For example, freezing (cryonics). Travel methods to past: Several hypothetically possible methods to travel to past are available: 1. General theory of relativity allows the possibility of existence of “worm hole” (English term - wormhole). This is something similar to tunnels (possibly very short), connecting the remote zones in space. While developing the theory of “worm hole”, K. Torn and M. Morris noticed that, if one end (A) of short wormhole moves with a very high velocity and comes close to the other end (B), then – by virtue of above specified “clock paradox” – object, entering at inlet A at a point of time T can (Refer below) exits from B at a time, earlier than T (In this way, still it is not possible to reach the time, prior to the creation of time machine). From the equations of Einstein, wormhole closes down earlier than the tourist , trying to pass through it (For example, in case of “Bridge Rozen-Einstein” – first described wormhole ), if it cannot be retained from this so called “Exotic substance” – Substance with negative energy density. Existence of exotic substance is confirmed both theoretically as well as practically. 2. In 1936, Wan Shtockum found that the body, rotating around a massive and infinite length cylinder, also goes into past (Later on F. Tipler suggested that, this is possible and even in case, if the cylinder has a finite length). Such a cylinder can be so called “space string”. But sufficient reliable evidence is not available regarding the existence of such “space strings” and hardly any method to create new “space strings”. 3. At the end, it is possible not to make any attempt but wait till the time machine forms on its own. No evidence is available to wait for the formation of time machine but if at all, if time machine forms, then it do not contradict any of the famous laws of nature. “Starting from 1976 till date, 274 cases are already known, when pilot, during his routine flying task, suddenly went into past - informed Danish physicist Poks Hegluid, who is one of the first persons to have acquaintance with the documents, informs Pravda.ru. Few examples: In 1976, Soviet pilot Victor Orlov after flying the MIG-25, stated in his flight report that with his own eyes he noticed military actions, unwinding below the wing of his aircraft. After analyzing the pictures, from in his memory, the specialists made a conclusion that Orlov was a witness of famous battle, which happened in 1863 near the city Gettisberg during civil war in USA. In 1986, Russian pilot Alexander Ustimov, during his flight, suddenly noticed that he is above Ancient Egypt. Pilot could locate single constructed pyramid and foundations of several pyramids, around which many people were seen swarming. “Dr. Heglund drew attention on that the travel of pilots to past was merely for not more than 20 seconds. Interesting to note that, the pilots could travel to past both at supersonic and subsonic velocities.” Consequently, flight speed is not at all connected with the travel to past. Apart from this, Heglund also draws attention to the fact that, not a single case was registered regarding travel into future. According to the opinion of British astrophysicist Gibert Guyana that the cases, described by Heglund, could shed light on secrets of UFO. Gibert Guyana opines that “Possible that UFO, appearing during the entire history of mankind – are not new vessels but we ourselves, from time to time fall from present into past”.

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