Celebrity Hairstyles
Contest Directions: Create new celebrity hairstyles, or new and preferrably unusual hair styles for politicians or well-known faces.
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  • Medusa Jolie

    Medusa Jolie
  • The Rock

    The Rock
  • queen afro

    queen afro
  • Mohawk

  • Facial Weave

    Facial Weave
  • Chris Rock

    Chris Rock
  • Hillary Clinton

    Hillary Clinton
  • Carrot Top Pee Wee

    Carrot Top Pee Wee
  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates
  • Georgie Bush

    Georgie Bush
  • john kerry

    john kerry
  • Kevin Spacey

    Kevin Spacey
  • George W Bush

    George W Bush
  • Demi Moore

    Demi Moore
  • Vanilla Ice

    Vanilla Ice
  • G W Bush

    G W Bush
  • Dick Cheney

    Dick Cheney
  • John Travolta

    John Travolta
  • Bill Clinton

    Bill Clinton
  • George W Bush

    George W Bush
  • George W Bush

    George W Bush
  • John Kerry

    John Kerry
  • Dr Phil

    Dr Phil
  • Demi Moore

    Demi Moore
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Long celebrity hairstyles usually go well with any type of hair: straight, curly or wavy. But hairstyles with thick and long locks have the best advantage. So, we suggest those celebrities who have thin and fragile hair or a narrow long face try and find something different. Hairstyles that don't take long to make might be an optimal choice for those celebrities who have long hair. One of the most popular celebrity hairstyles nowadays is a couple of mischievous ponytails on the top of the head. For this hairstyle you will need to make at least three ponytails, nobody will stop celebrities if they decide to make six, eight or even ten ponytails! Having mastered the technique of twisting the ponytails celebrities can develop it and improve it without any limits. Those celebrities who think that three ponytails would be just enough, can wash their hair and start making the hairstyle straight away, but if they want to add a couple if braids, they'll have to wait till their hair gets softer. Then they should carefully comb their celebrity hair, to get rid of little knots and elf-locks. After that, raise the hair and distribute it to three equal parts. Leave separate locks near the ears - they will emphasize the grace of those women celebrities with a long "swan" neck. Divide each ponytail into several parts - mini ponytails - and fix them with an elastic band. Having created the basis for the chosen style, celebrities can twist their mini-tails in braids and tie them in a knot. Short hair can be arranged in a couple of small ponytails. Another option is to twist all the ponytails in one braid and raise it on the top. This unusual and funny hairstyle will make a celebrity the center of everybody's attention. Besides, they can braid the ponytails from the central part of a head having deliberately missed the side locks. Fix each ponytail with a hairpin or elastic band. There's a huge variety of hairstyles for long hair and a little fantasy should help any celebrity increase this number to infinity. As a mater of fact, there's only one thing that might be limiting their fantasy - it's the time celebrities have to spend for trying new experiments and looking for a suitable hairstyle.
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