Celebrities with Short Legs
Contest Directions: Hollywood is obsessed with long legs, which are considered a standard of beautiful figure. That's the reason we often see celebrities wearing high-waisted pants and skirts, which create an illusion that their legs start higher. For the same reason short shirts, jackets and coats are favorite in Hollywood.
Let's not allow Hollywood fool us any more with their visual tricks, and expose how short celebrity legs really are. Photoshop celebrities and politicians with really short legs.
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  • Harry Potter with Short Legs

    Harry Potter with Short Legs
  • Will Smith Midget

    Will Smith Midget
  • Alyssa Milano with Short Legs

    Alyssa Milano with Short Legs
  • Stunted Rihanna

    Stunted Rihanna
  • Lindsay Lohan with Short Legs

    Lindsay Lohan with Short Legs
  • Kelly Clarkson with Short Legs

    Kelly Clarkson with Short Legs
  • Carrie Underwood`s Short Legs

    Carrie Underwood`s Short Legs
  • Sienna Miller Midget

    Sienna Miller Midget
  • Nicole Kidman with Short Legs

    Nicole Kidman with Short Legs
  • Tiny Gordon Brown

    Tiny Gordon Brown
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Summer is a very good period to show off fine legs. One can wear short skirts and shorts with high-heeled footwear. But what to do, if some or the other imperfections are visible on your legs? An opinion exists that, the legs of Italians are much more graceful than the legs of others. And if God did not bestow magnificent legs, then it is necessary to think before wearing a short skirt, skin-tight trousers etc. If you have thin and long straight legs, then it is ideal to wear mini skirts but knee length skirts will not suit you at all. For the visual perception, you can increase the volume of your legs by wearing pantyhose with a striking figure, but alas, pantyhose are not meant for the summer season. Therefore, with your legs, it is better to avoid average length skirts, and narrow trousers will look attractive. If you have big thighs, the best possible variant is to wear straight trousers with arrows, which are comfortable in the thigh areas. Trousers, made narrow towards bottom, only underline the dimensions of the thighs and straight classical skirts will add a huge gracefulness to your figure. If you possess huge thighs and thin legs, then straight, underlined elegant skirts and trousers shall conceal the imperfections of your figure by creating the illusion of gracefulness. Concerning the calves of the legs, thick calves can be corrected only with the help of dark pantyhose, and in summer, long skirts and loose trousers. Do not forget that any horizontal lines below the waist, for example, the skirt edge, draws additional attention towards your legs. Hence, if you do not like your knees, avoid skirts and dresses with a hem hardly above the patellae. In case nature has given you thick and short legs, you have spent a lot of time in the gym, then it is better to avoid all things which can draw excessive attention. For example, too graceful footwear, narrow, elegant short skirts etc. Above all things, straight austere knee-length skirts will be comfortable for you. Also, do not forget about color. The black color always reduces the volume and light shades and flamboyant pictures - inversely. And, of course, it is necessary to give special attention to the feet in summer. Feet should always remain well taken care of and accurate. Otherwise, you may have to behave as the man from the antifungal ointment advertisement and walk on a beach exclusively in socks and closed slippers. Tight footwear not only forms callosities but also seriously deforms the feet. For big feet, footwear with a narrow extended nose shall be comfortable and for women with narrow feet - high and closed footwear. Do not forget, that natural beauty is of course good to some extent. Therefore, it is better to look attractive and appealing using some skillful means.

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