Celebrities Cut In Half
Contest Directions: Facebook removed a photoshopped image of a woman cut in half because, apparently, it was too demeaning. The removal caused a lot of anger from facebook users with comments like "it was just photoshop, what's so demeaning about it?".
Photoshop celebrities cut in half one way or another. (E.g. show half of any celeb standing (lying, sitting) and the other half standing (lying, sitting) next to it - these are just some examples.)
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  • Taking From A Rich Kardashian

    Taking From A Rich Kardashian
  • Nicole Scherzinger

    Nicole Scherzinger
  • elisha cuthbert

    elisha cuthbert
  • Dave Matthews

    Dave Matthews
  • Angelina / Jolie

    Angelina / Jolie
  • michael jackson

    michael jackson
  • Derrick Rose Dunk

    Derrick Rose Dunk
  • New Meaning For "Up Half The Knight"

    New Meaning For "Up Half The Knight"
  • Bruno's secret

  • Live action video game!

    Live action video game!
21 high resolution images
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