Bush Twins

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  • Started: 11/29/2011 11:00
  • Ended: 12/2/2011 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 23
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  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Bush Twins
Contest Directions: Jenna and Barbara, the fraternal twin daughters of former President Bush, turned 30 last Friday. Let's recall that they were only 18 when their dad was elected president. The twins graduated from high school in 2000 and attended Yale University and the University of Texas at Austin, respectively, in 2004. To date, Jenna and Barbara are the only twins whose father was a US president. The Secret Service names for Jenna and Barbara Bush during their father's presidency were Twinkle and Turquoise. Jenna (the blonde twin) currently works as a part-time reading coordinator at the SEED Public Charter School in Baltimore, Maryland, and contributes a monthly news story about education for the Today show. She also wrote a book that sold over 500,000 copies. Barbara (the dark-haired twin) is the oldest by a few seconds (the twins were born via Caesarian section at Baylor Medical Center in Dallas). She is the president and co-founder of Global Health Corps and earlier this year made a video in support of marriage equality in New York.
To mark the 30th birthday of Bush twins, photoshop them any way you wish (either together or just one of them).

Contest Info

    • Started: 11/29/2011 11:00
    • Ended: 12/2/2011 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 23
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
23 pictures
  • Jenna Bush the Biker

    Jenna Bush the Biker
        • Very Very gooood, specially bike is Awesome. Good luck
        • Wild wk, you'v made her look wicked as, right down 2 the scars on her face.
        • Looks like Jenna needs a REAL man in her life. Great work.
        • Thanks all! I enjoyed chopping this one although it was a bit of a stuggle and I almost gave up a couple times.
        • Congratulations ! Another exceptional excursion into the Funkwood Surrealosphere.
        • Another beauty from Mr. Funk! Congrats on the gold!
        • CONGRATS funkwood...
          Glad you didn't gave up and pulled through which led to...another golden trophy!
  • Jenna and Barbara Bush Twin Witches

    Jenna and Barbara Bush Twin Witches
  • The Bush Twins in their Childhood

    The Bush Twins in their Childhood
        • Can't figure out which one is more cute, the brunette? lol
        • Lol, excellent and funny! Like the toothless and the men dolls too
        • Thanks, deaddog. Thanks, Sunshin3. Thanks, Disasterman. Thanks, ericnorthend.
        • Anyone that can't grin this has something going wrong with them, thx for the giggle & just 2 add, nice job.
        • Thanks, Kellie. Thanks, geriatric. Thanks, rajeshstar.
        • Good work concept, But where are the twins or one of them, the contest rules states '' To mark the 30th birthday of Bush twins, photoshop them any way you wish (either together or just one of them "
        • Thanks, dsbinfo!

          Picasso...they're the daughters of George Bush so why not give them his face?
        • True, but it mentions photoshop the twins one or the other or both not the dad and that's there bodies or there or face... Just think its unfair for us who followed the rules, but it is good and very funny
        • picasso...this is MY Photoshop version of the twins. If you have a problem with this, I suggest you notify the administrators.
        • Dr. Chuckles strikes again! Well done and Congratulations!
        • Hahaha, this is seriously scary!
          Congrats on the bronze, Paul!
        • Thanks, funky! Thanks, G-Man! Thanks, Newsy, yes it IS scary! Thanks, Riccardo! Thanks, Mr. Mark!
        • VERY funny pcrdds! Congrats winning bronze!
        • Congrats on the Bronze, Pcr! Funny and great work
  • Jenna Bush as Frida Kahlo

    Jenna Bush as Frida Kahlo
        • Excellent work, even though I wish Jenna were more recognizable here.
          Congrats on the wood, Pix!
  • Butch Bush Twins in a Boat

    Butch Bush Twins in a Boat
  • Barbara Bush Caricature

    Barbara Bush Caricature
        • Very good all over, I like that brand of cutlery, it keeps a sharp edge
        • Great job, hidden! Would make a terrific, horrific poster!
        • Good poster perfect for the new horror film
        • What happened 2 the other most xcellent pic :/
  • Bush Twins Drinking

    Bush Twins Drinking
  • Bush Family Photo

    Bush Family Photo
  • The Bush Sisters with Dad

    The Bush Sisters with Dad
  • Jenna and Barbara Bush By Bouguereau

    Jenna and Barbara Bush By Bouguereau
  • Bush Sisters Painting

    Bush Sisters Painting
  • Barbara Bush Portrait

    Barbara Bush Portrait
  • George Bush with his Daughter and a Chimp

    George Bush with his Daughter and a Chimp
  • NCIS Gothic Barbara Bush

    NCIS Gothic Barbara Bush
  • The Bush Sisters as Babies

    The Bush Sisters as Babies
  • Bush Sisters with a Geirge Bush Puppet

    Bush Sisters with a Geirge Bush Puppet
  • Laura Bush with Her Crying Baby

    Laura Bush with Her Crying Baby
  • Jenna and Barbara Bush with Hugh Hefner

    Jenna and Barbara Bush with Hugh Hefner
  • Bush Twin Sisterhood

    Bush Twin Sisterhood
        • don't we all

          [Edited by User on 12/1/2011 6:20:25 PM]
  • Ugly Bush Twins

    Ugly Bush Twins
        • Today is the day I decided to give up drinking...laughing my arse off!
  • Jemma Bush in the Army

    Jemma Bush in the Army
  • George Bush's Two Consciences

    George Bush's Two Consciences
  • Bush Sisters in Twins Movie

    Bush Sisters in Twins Movie
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This contest is fueled by the following news: On the eve of the book release by American former journalist Ronald Kessler's "In The President's Secret Service", new details on the life of former White House owners have surfaced. It appeared that the daughters of George Bush, former president of the USA, cynically mocked secret agents during the entire tenure. The book will be put on sale in the next month. So, 27-year-old twins Jenna and Barbara Bush undertook numerous attempts to hide from their bodyguards. They often crossed the red light at traffic signals at the last minute or quickly left in their cars, without informing the agents about about their schedule. As a result, bodyguards were compelled to make additional efforts to carry out the duties However, problems were caused to security guards not only by the heirs of the former head of the USA, but also by their spouses. For example, in 2005, after a party on the eve of Halloween, agents had to admit Henry Hager, future husband of Jenna, to hospital. The reason was over abuse of alcohol. Special agents also had to separate brawlers in a bar and the instigator of the brawl was non other than Hager. At the same time, Bush's daughters repeatedly got into unpleasant situations. 19 yr old Jenna got into another problem when she produced fake ID while attempting to buy alcoholic drinks . The daughters of the former president have perturbed Americans since Jenna and Barbara put the life of officers of the secret service under danger. Presently, press Secretary of Laura Bush, the spouse of the 43rd US president , stated that "she will make an official request not to include all this nonsense in the book". Jenna Welch Hager, nee Bush; born on November 25, 1981. Dallas is the younger daughter 43rd US president George Bush and Laura Bush. She got the name from her grandmother. She received her primary education in Texas and then studied at the University of Texas with a degree in English. On April 29, 2001, she was charged for consuming alcohol being underage and on one more instance, she was charged for carrying fake documents and making an attempt to buy alcoholic drinks with fake ID. On May 10, 2007, Jenna married Henry Chase Hager, a graduate of the University of the Virginia. The daughter of the US President, Jenna Bush is getting married. The following is said in the statement by press service of US President: George and Laura Bush are " happy to announce the engagement of their daughter and Henry Hager". The press-service of the American president says that the future husband of Bush's daughter is the son of John Hager, deputy minister for Education, who before moving into the government in 2004 held the post of the vice-governor of the State of Virginia. Jenna Bush graduated from University of Texas and worked as a teacher's aide for one and a half years in one of the elementary schools of Washington under UNICEF and then taught in the Panama shelter. Jenna is 25 years old. Her book "Ana's Story: A Journey of Hope" should appear in the shelves of bookstores for sale in the fall, this year. According to the girl, the story of a 17 yr old HIV-infected single mother from Panama is narrated in the book. The book ends with an "appeal to take action". Jenna wanted to draw attention of young people towards people who got into trouble. She noted that her experience, obtained while working in Panama, has helped in writing this book. Earlier, the first twins of the USA, Jenna and Barbara, have become famous for scandals, connected with alcohol. In April 2001, Jenna was caught by the policemen drinking strong cocktails in a night bar in Austin, in Texas. The daughter of the President was charged as per law, which was signed by George Bush in 1997, when he was Governor of Texas. According to the law, persons under 21 yrs of age, found in a drunken state, are punished by a $500 fine, participation in social work and attending a course of lectures on the harms of alcoholic beverages. Jenna Bush, daughter of the US president flatly refused to conduct the wedding ceremony in the White House. Jenna, whose wedding with Henry Hager , son of the deputy minister of Education, was planned for May, explained that the refusal was due to the fact that, "glamor" was missing in White House.