Bruni Sarkozy Baby
Contest Directions: France counts down the days for Bruni-Sarkozy baby. The France's first lady is already overdue two weeks and is about to give birth any day now - most likely this week. As the unpopular French president eyes a possible re-election bid, having a baby born while he's still in the office may improve his ratings, as he'll be the first French president to do so. (Sarkozy is also the first French president to divorce while in the office.) It won't be easy to see the baby though, as Bruni-Sarkozy insisted the child would be shielded from the spotlight. "I will never show a photograph of this child and will never expose it [to publicity]" she said.
While France and the rest of the world is expecting the arrival of Bruni-Sarkozy baby, we can only speculate how the baby will look. Let's show the world what Bruni-Sarkozy baby may (or may not) look like.
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  • Nicolas Sarkozy with His Children

    Nicolas Sarkozy with His Children
  • Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni with Their Baby Angel

    Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni with Their Baby Angel
  • Nicolas Sarkozy`s New Little Boy

    Nicolas Sarkozy`s New Little Boy
  • Angela Merkel Babysitting Nicolas Sarkozy`s Baby

    Angela Merkel Babysitting Nicolas Sarkozy`s Baby
  • Carla Bruni and Her Baby

    Carla Bruni and Her Baby
  • Stork Bringing Nicolas Sarkozy`s Baby

    Stork Bringing Nicolas Sarkozy`s Baby
  • Nicolas Sarkozy Baby

    Nicolas Sarkozy Baby
  • Nicolas Sarkozy New Baby

    Nicolas Sarkozy New Baby
  • Baby Bean Playing a Guitar

    Baby Bean Playing a Guitar
  • Carla Bruni with her Baby

    Carla Bruni with her Baby
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Carla Bruni gave birth to a baby girl at the elite Parisian clinic "Myuett". The couple remained tight-lipped about the pregnancy of Carla, but on Friday, the French media started reporting that Carla Bruni and Nicolas Sarkozy became happy parents. In the last few weeks, before the delivery, the First Lady of France had not come out of the house since the doctors advised her to either lie down or sit. Bruni had pregnancy complications, hence she was advised bed rest. Four separate wards were made ready for Carla Bruni, in which not only she, but her accompanying persons including security personnel were accommodated. Her husband, Nicolas Sarkozy has not cancelled or postponed his important political meetings during the last phase of pregnancy of his beloved wife. Presently, a lot about the upcoming presidential elections is discussed in France, so the news that Nicolas Sarkozy became father for the fourth time was accidentally pushed to second spot. We would like to remind people that the First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, in the last month of pregnancy, continued to actively give incriminating interviews about some of the details of her life with Nicolas Sarkozy, which had not happened with her earlier. Previously, Carla Bruni has admitted to reporters, that she was so tired of being pregnant and already felt like having a glass of good new-crop French wine and smoking a cigarette. The pregnancy of Carla Bruni was virtually kept confidential. Although the press started writing about the condition of the First Lady of France already in January 2011, Sarkozy and Bruni kept the fact under wraps until recently. Long before the child was born, Bruni restricted her movements in public. She did not appear during official receptions or parties. Carla Bruni ignored the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival (where Woody Allen's comedy film"Midnight in Paris" was shown, in which Bruni played one of the roles) and the wedding ceremony of the Prince of Monaco. Carla Bruni is already a mother - in 2001 she gave birth to the son of philosopher Raphael Enthoven. Nicolas Sarkozy has children from two previous marriages. Sarkozy’s Personal Life: February 2, 2008 Sarkozy married a singer and a photo model Carla Bruni. None of his wives was French, although all of them spent their entire adult lives in France. On January 13, 2010 Nicolas Sarkozy became a grandfather - the wife of his second son Jean Jessica Sebaoun (heiress of a rich Jewish family that controls Darty) gave birth to a boy who was named Solal Sasha Sarkozy. On October 19, 2011 Carla Bruni gave birth to a baby girl named Julia – the third daughter of Nicolas Sarkozy and second child of Carla. In his book "The Republic, Religion, and Hope," Sarkozy declared, “I am of Catholic culture, Catholic tradition, Catholic belief, even if my religious practice is episodic, I acknowledge myself as a member of the Catholic Church. On April 21, 2007 in his interview with France’s Catholic weekly, (Christian Family), Sarkozy said Christianity had “seen the birth” of the French nation, and contributed “an immense patrimony of cultural, moral, intellectual and spiritual values”. In a May 4 interview with another Catholic magazine, Le Pelerin (The Pilgrim), Sarkozy said that France was a “secular country,” adding that his Catholic convictions would not “directly influence” his political program at the same time he spoke for transitional heterosexual marriages and against euthanasia. It is worth mentioning other juristic changes in the legal status of president of the Republic that happened after N. Sarkozy came to power. Thus, soon after his inauguration he raised his salary by 140% and reduced his tax rates, which aroused an ambiguous reaction in the society. In June-July 2007, Sarkozy’s second wife Cecilia carried out a number of public missions associated with the release of Bulgarian medics convicted by the Libyan court. This (as well as her using Élysée Palace finances) made her fall out of favour with the press, critical of her husband, however, in October 2007 Nicolas and Cecilia divorced. From that moment and until Sarkozy’s wedding with Carla Bruni on February 2, 2008, France did not have the first lady (before that the only three unmarried presidents of France were Louis Napoleon Bonaparte who was single, Gaston Doumergue who married 11 days before the end of mandate and René Coty, who was widowed). Sarkozy became the second president (after Gaston Doumergue) who married during his presidential term.

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