Break Dancer

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  • Started: 4/15/2009 06:00
  • Ended: 4/19/2009 07:00
  • Level: apprentice
  • Entries: 16
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Apprentice 1st Place $1.5
  • FN Apprentice 2nd Place $0.9
  • FN Apprentice 3rd Place $0.6
  • FN Apprentice 4th Place $0.3
Break Dancer
Contest Directions: Photoshop this break dancer image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dressing up this break dancer, making the break dancer perform some stunts, using this break dancer image in advertisements, movies, paintings, putting the break dancer into some unusual environment. These are just some ideas.
Many thanks to martin McGuire and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Contest Info

    • Started: 4/15/2009 06:00
    • Ended: 4/19/2009 07:00
    • Level: apprentice
    • Entries: 16
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Apprentice 1st Place $1.5
    • FN Apprentice 2nd Place $0.9
    • FN Apprentice 3rd Place $0.6
    • FN Apprentice 4th Place $0.3
16 pictures
  • Acrobats Balancing

    Acrobats Balancing
        • Definitely a top shelf entry.
          Love the dynamism in this composition
        • I THOUGHT this was yours!!!!

        • Congrats on another gold, jeremix - you are on a roll! Viva Holland!
  • London 2012 Logo

    London 2012 Logo
        • Great concept. The dancers make perfect circles!
        • Nice...and let's see how the judges score for this Olympic event!
        • GREAT MOMENTS IN ADVERTISING! good stuff!
        • Congratulations on your first trophy, eye!
  • People Doing Silly Walk

    People Doing Silly Walk
        • Totally hilarious! The dog in front is a true hoot! What a parade of walk styles!
          The guy on the left (John Cleese?) is a tad blurry
        • Bronze congrats, azwoodbox, and extra congratulations on your first trophy!
  • Break Dancer in Garage

    Break Dancer in Garage
        • here source

        • thanx for all who vote me
          and thanx newsy

        • [Edited by User on 4/19/2009 9:13:01 AM]
  • The Matrix Musical

    The Matrix Musical
  • Barrel of Monkeys Break Dancing

    Barrel of Monkeys Break Dancing
        • Clever interpretation. I would change the labeling though because they no longer appear as monkeys -Barrel of Dancers or something.
        • Clever idea!

          Humans are just evolved monkeys anyways Doxie
        • I would love to change the labels, however I don't think I have had enough experience with photoshop to make one that would look half way decent. I know my limitations at this point! LOL Imagine them as evolutionized monkeys!
        • Okay, evolutionalized monkees they are! You still came up with a very clever idea.
  • Break Dance Performance

    Break Dance Performance
        • It looks great, but you should post sources, so i can see what kind of work you've done on it.
        • Ok. Here the source link:
  • Extreme Breakdancing on Mountain

    Extreme Breakdancing on Mountain
  • Breakdancing for Donations

    Breakdancing for Donations
        • Hilarious!
          Love this literal take of the word "change":
          I'm like Obama, I want change.

  • Classical Ballet vs Modern Break Dancing

    Classical Ballet vs Modern Break Dancing
        • Good composition. I'd darken the girl, or brighten the guy to match their lights and shadows.
  • Man Holding up the World

    Man Holding up the World
  • Balancing the Budget

    Balancing the Budget
        • Excellent.. now I understand why balancing the budget is harder than I thought!
  • Man in a Hamster Wheel

    Man in a Hamster Wheel
        • The heel of the dancer would be better pressed onto a rung of the wheel as it would add a bit of depth.
  • Kung Fu Panda with a Break Dancer

    Kung Fu Panda with a Break Dancer
  • Man Holding up Books in Shelf

    Man Holding up Books in Shelf
  • Man Mantis

    Man Mantis
        • I like how you incorporated the break dancers into the mantis' head.
          I am not sure why but the sand in front seems all unrealistically blurry
16 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Break-dance is the base dance on the world hip-hop culture. It originated in New York in 1969 under the name "Good Foot", when James Brown demonstrated his famous dance "Get on the Good Foot" to the public. The break dance has set the start for many dancing trends of hip-hop. Every year, break dancing is becoming more and more popular; breakers are in demand in commercial projects (TV shows, advertisements, clips etc.) and are becoming an integral part of show business. The break-dance, consisting of technically difficult elements, demands special physical-acrobatic preparation. Among modern dances, break-dancing is the most extreme and poses stringent requirements to the physical strength and endurance of the dancer. However, break dancing consists of not only developing power and endurance spinning or power moves (twisted elements and the bonds between them spinning on the head, jumping on hands, turning on hands or on one hand by 360, 720 or by, moving the feet round the body with support of the hands) and freezing (the fixing of the body position while performing certain element), but also top break dancing requires the technical work of the body style/footwork (so-called rounds) and top or up rock (moving from foot to foot before coming to a bottom element), which will allow you to use the creative abilities apart from physical strength in dances. Stunning inventiveness, with which the breakers perform their foot work, power movements and friezes indicate that self-realization limits do not exist in break dancing. Break dancing makes you athlete and the creator and gives you an opportunity to develop a unique style. Traditionally, the break dance is considered a man's dance but many girls have achieved recognition in this form of dance too. If you do not fear bruises and injuries and are ready for a dance and someone who do not recognize compromises and limitations the break dancing is for you.