Brand Confusion

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  • Started: 3/19/2012 05:00
  • Ended: 3/22/2012 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 34
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  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Brand Confusion
Contest Directions: With so many imitating brands coming from the East, it's easy to have brand confusion. Chinese company Polomh imitates Polo Ralph Lauren brand and keeps selling tens of thousands of handbags a month to customers who think they are buying the original Polo bags. At a close inspection handbags read "Polo Marco Hiuui", even though the words Marco Hiuui are printed in small font, while "Polo" and a look-alike logo are printed in large size.
Let's take brand confusion to a new level and swap any two brands. Take any product with famous brand (or just logo) and substitute a name from another brand. For example, take the famous Nike logo and in Nike font letters write "Puma". Take a Snickers candy bar and substitute "Snickers" for "Nescafe" written with Snickers distinctive letters. These are just some ideas.

Contest Info

    • Started: 3/19/2012 05:00
    • Ended: 3/22/2012 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 34
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
34 pictures
  • Marlboro Menthol Home Air Filters

    Marlboro Menthol Home Air Filters
        • Thanks everyone for your votes and comments.
        • Yes this is a better idea to inhale smoke and feel better inside with the Menthol filter Nice work on smoke. I feel like inhaling this
        • Thanks again for al of the comments and votes
        • congrats Kenny! Very nice work. They sell these at Walmart right?
        • Congrats on your first gold with us, Kenny! A killer chop!
        • haha...awesome work Kennyb , Congratulations on 1st ! Very creative !
  • True Irish Coffee

    True Irish Coffee
        • very clean, would have also done the coffee cup in the bottom too. But still nice idea.
        • Really like this one..thought I would have changed the text at the bottom or cut it off completely
        • Beer and Coffee is a freaking combination Its a perfect chop, good one to see this
        • Background is Too Dark Well tried good job
        • Background is OK, just wondering about the grey lines on the left. Are they intentional?
        • "THNX AzureSky, I didn't see those lines until I looked at the image with the Layer level sliders pushed way up. All fixed now. Appreciate your comment.
        • Congrats Wiz... Very clean and well-done!
        • Congratulations. Liked this one the best.
        • Flawless blend, flawless taste!
          Congrats on the silver, Wiz!
  • Jacks NyQuil

    Jacks NyQuil
        • Me thinks this is brilliant!
          Are you accepting orders?
        • That should do the trick! Nicely done and realistic.
        • Very good indeed.....but on the safety label I would have changed the vicks to Jacks! Over all very good!
        • Be great if we could buy that cough medicine lol!

          [Edited by User on 3/21/2012 9:26:46 PM]
        • Lovely work, clean and cleaver, 40% Alcohol
        • Well done with the New Labeling of Jacks. Good job to put the behind blurry to make the front so clear like your idea
        • Nice Shield cover of the bottle Very clean and neat job done
        • Thank you everyone for the comments, and the 3rd place vote! Made my day. And I got a new entertainment system today, so...
  • MacDonalds Smoked Fries

    MacDonalds Smoked Fries
        • I actually hv a problem, I like smokin wen eating my fries :/
          Original "blend" here
        • To eat a macfry or smoke that is the question!
        • Very clever concept, good one see the Mac Fries inside a Cigarette pack well done
  • Prehistoric Lucky Strike Cigarettes

    Prehistoric Lucky Strike Cigarettes
        • Change the blue logo for red, both Lucky Strike and Jurassic Park Logo's are red. Find a more grungy pack... as if it was really was in situ. This one is far too pristine. Hope this helps, and by the way make to whole image much larger, say about 1300X 1900px, they always look better bigger.

          Hope this helps


        • ya, good suggestions Wiz, and it looks much better now. Smoking dino in the BG? Very clean work.
        • That is a huge improvement on the original one. Love the smokin' dino!
        • "Attaboy, that's starting to look great, now go check on some old ciggie print ads and see what they did with typefaces. Then see if you can improve yours! (by the way: This is not anyway a slight on what you have done, but just a way of improving it!)

          Have Fun


          [Edited by User on 3/22/2012 12:33:08 AM]
        • Wow, now its very nice in red instead of blue, nice smoke and eye of Dragon, good luck
        • Very funny to see the diano smoking and the smoke coming out of her nose the Cigarette brand is awesome in its look
        • Fantastic idea Smoke idea with the dinosaur is really great thinking and very well executed
        • There is a font called Jurassic if that helps.
  • Obama with Coors Beer

    Obama with Coors Beer
        • Coors is a real brand owned by Budweiser. Maybe you still have time to change it. work is well done.
        • A lot of well known are owned by one company. I would have liked to see Bud show up more clearly. Perhaps with a few larger bottle tops in the foreground. Lovely work on Obama, shame the Coors and Bud are not of the same standard.
        • Sorry Nanny, not to my knowledge is Coors owned by Budweiser.
        • Hi Azure... the bottle tops are taken from the source of a model in a Budweiser ad... I just swapped out the model with Obama and the body is from the photo of some drunken bozo passed on a sidewalk.
        • Nice merge and nice to see Obama as a model ha ha ha
        • Great Job, nice to see all the berries and grapes down and the Obama is looks to good in this portrait very well done Coors the Great American Larger
        • Obama is amazing, very well done. Beyond my capabilities.
        • Thank you eric, rajeshstar and bolidiya... Azure, I've seen your work... and it is not beyond your capabilities.
  • Draught Vodka

    Draught Vodka
  • MacDonalds Wendys Frosty

    MacDonalds Wendys Frosty
        • Good idea, image could be clear but I do like it.
        • Beef and the Wendy's go together good job with the chop Nice to see the new turned W makas Wendy
  • Co.b.KE Diet Coke

    Co.b.KE Diet Coke
        • Perfect chop, good blending of the words over it
  • Red or Blue Cola

    Red or Blue Cola
        • the logos of the both the bottles looks so clean and good merge
        • very innovative Concept and very well done
        • Thank you TheDunceCap , AzureSky , ericnorthernd , rajeshstar , bolodiya !!
  • John Deere Car

    John Deere Car
        • Be a really cool ride for a farm boy lol!
        • Well done, nice green concept of the Car and Deer, Might be its goes so fast as deer can Put the image more shiny to looks hot
  • Vimeo Imitating Youtube

    Vimeo Imitating Youtube
        • "I wouldn't know the difference anyway!"
        • nice and clean, like the screen shot BG. nice.
        • i like it

          (whisper* but you forgot the toolbar)
        • Nice imitation, looks so real and perfectly blended even the webpage behind looks so real
  • Ikea, Nivea and Nike Merger

    Ikea, Nivea and Nike Merger
        • Its Nice and NIVKEA looks so original well done with this image
  • Swim with the Sharks

    Swim with the Sharks
  • Trojan Man Mexican Food

    Trojan Man Mexican Food
        • Thanks. I gotta fix this up a bit, though. I was in a massive rush after I made it and didn't have time to fix the issues with the missed shadowing and beveling on the lettering. Once that's done, I also think it's a classic (it won't do well, score-wise, but it will make people laugh, and that's really my only goal, so I win every time)
        • Ya, I know the score feeling. But this is a great idea. Very clever and WTF is Cocada pudding. Eww.
        • I have no idea whatsoever what it actually is (though my guess would be some sort of coconut/milk desert...the latins are crazy for this combo for some reason), but from this day forward, for me, it's Spanish for Vanilla Fudge.
        • Hahaha! Vanilla Fudge w/ the Trojan Man over it takes on new connotations. Double eww.
        • Not really...that's always what Vanilla Fudge meant.
        • You have worked hard on this since you posted it.
        • It wasn't hard...I switched the font, added a bevel and a drop shadow and made a quick, custom gradient. It was all of about 15 minutes of work. The program does most of it for you.
        • lucky with the cocada pudding. I was originally going to do a Hungry Man Breakfast ('cause ya know...sausage and all) but then I saw this and the breakfast idea went out the window.
        • Good Job, the pudding and the title is wonderful to include in this stuff, good one to see "strong enough for a man" wanna to know Made for whom ?
        • Thanks, but I missed the shadow under the red portion and the yellow/orange in the name isn't quite, that drop shadow is too large.

          It's OK, though...I was certainly done with it despite the mistakes.
        • Hmm cocada pudding, I must look up the recipe!
        • shake well before serving, in case those insrtuctions are omitted.
  • Uncle Bens Worms

    Uncle Bens Worms
        • Funny and disgusting at the same time! I'll never eat Uncle Ben's again, LOL. I wish you had done the reflection to match the changes on top. Otherwise, cool! Good luck.
        • Ice, If you view full you can see the images are reflected from the packet
        • Uncle Bens Yummy!!! i love it but here the worms and starfish batt hmmmm... But the image blending is perfect like the idea much
  • Playboy Apple

    Playboy Apple
        • Just imagine all the Playboy bunnies playing on laptops instead of doing whatever they usually do!
        • Great, PlayStation and Apple Merging together virtually very innovate brand with its own richness of both technologies
        • Raj, the Playboy logo is about a club founded by Hugh Hefner. If you Google Playboy club and Hugh Hefner you will find it interesting.
  • US Army

    US Army
        • Thought provoking idea. If you redid the black it would be an improvement. There are white specks and a slightly pixelated look.

          If you do select all on the black. add a layer fill in with 00000 black then flatten, once you are sure the black hasn't leaked anywhere.

          I think that would really help a lot.
  • Snapple IPad

    Snapple IPad
        • I'm not sure I get it, but I still think it's funny as hell.
        • Rednecks lovin' the laptop! Why has the one with the laptop got an alien type arm?
        • LOL ha ha funny chair with eyes looking up and very funny is his Lappy named as Snapple great job
  • David Beckham Banana Advert

    David Beckham Banana Advert
        • T.M.I. I guess this is one for the ladies.
  • Dandy Candy

    Dandy Candy
        • VERY funny! Especially the small print tag line! One thing: looks like you were using a soft too-large brush with the cloning out the T on Turkish, because you affected the "U" ... make the brush smaller and harder and you can avoid this. Good luck!
        • It looks to me as if the U is supposed to have a slight curve because of the highlight above it.
          A higher res source image would have helped.
        • Very well done the Warning Message its added the image as a genuine one Funny Quote to see "You smack it, crack it.... like this quote
  • Two Guys From Iran

    Two Guys From Iran
        • Interesting concept, not sure what brands are being used here.

          The black needs tidying up, around the red bit of Iran and the figure wearing glasses.

          The lettering could do with being sharper too,
        • Ha ha !! Two guys from Iran very clever concept, from when Iranians start eating pizzas
  • Adibok by Tom Cruise

    Adibok by Tom Cruise
        • Why does the shoe in the back still read Reebok? Cool idea.
        • Shoe is great, agree with Ice it might be better without the Reebok shoe in the background.
        • Love the refection

          [Edited by User on 3/21/2012 9:25:05 PM]
        • Thanks IcyAllEyeCan, the Original product is in background to compare with the other one.

          AzureSky:Glad u like the reflections.

          This entry is in public interest, since so many Duplicates:"Glasses,T-shirts,sports stuff and yes shoes" are available in Asia-pacific so Choose wisely and live better
        • Comparision between the original and the duplicate is a good idea to show the crowd good reflection beneath
        • Wow! The model of the shoe is very nice liked it
  • Toyota Tuff

    Toyota Tuff
        • Despite that he is Chinese and the truck would be Japanese the idea is funny. Would spend some time on the Toyota logo.

          Spend some time on this one, it is worth it.
        • Toyota logo needs a tiny rotation and maybe a little bit of perspective.
        • Japanese and Chinese mix is great the Logo with the white background is good, but make it bit smaller to look real
        • Flawless performance very nice job done
        • Yes I agree on the size, I could see it in full version but not very well in this version, I redid the size of logo maybe it will look more like the real thing, Thanks for the advice, as always AzureSky and Rajeshstar you encourage my fine tuning, and thank you to everyone else as well!
  • Orange Tang Rat Killer

    Orange Tang Rat Killer
        • Background looks over blurred to me. The letters look as if they have been cut out. The bottle looks good.
        • Ha ha even the Rats need a flavor to be killed very funny yes the background need to be sharper more
        • Very Funny Rat Killing and that too of flavours nice idea
  • What if Hennessy Sold Guns

    What if Hennessy Sold Guns
  • Coca Cola Chanel Bag

    Coca Cola Chanel Bag
        • So pretty, shame source image is pixelated.
        • I thought this one was really well done...and funny in a classy kind of way (as opposed to mine which was completely juvenile...not that, that is bad, but I like a little class in the joint as well).

          Sorry you didn't place better. I thought this was top 10 material at the very least.
  • 3 Musketeers Baby Ruth Bar

    3 Musketeers Baby Ruth Bar
        • Its Different concept and very nice job done
  • Tall Mart Walmart

    Tall Mart Walmart
  • Freaking Fox News

    Freaking Fox News
        • Good idea, not sure Fox is balanced Newsy lol!
        • Freaking News with a New Logo is very well done, It's completely different and innovative idea generated
        • rajeshtar The other part of the logo is from Fox News. I only combined the two logos as per contest requirements.
  • RID X Betty Crocker

    RID X Betty Crocker
        • Funny idea. If you start with higher resolution sources, your end result will be cleaner. You may know this: in google search, click on 'large' for sizing, then choose larger files as you can. Like 500kb and above at least, up to 1mg sometimes (or larger!) ... good luck!
        • Pretty funny...not sure if it was the image or the chop lower right end of label could be cleaner...but nice still.
        • thank you both for your comments i tried to make it bigger and cleaner, hope everyone enjoys the design thanks again best of luck to everyone
        • I expect hi res Betty Crocker images are hard to come by. Good idea.
        • Very funny concept "Perfect Gift to the people you dislike" Perfect I will give it to my Boss
        • Funny text "for people you dont like" good clean job
  • Fed Ex Home Delivery Tampax

    Fed Ex  Home Delivery Tampax
        • Home delivery using a Dog!!! very funny
        • Glad you started entering regular contests, not just Freak Shows!
  • IKEA Birth

    IKEA Birth
  • Dell Apple

    Dell Apple
        • I like I assum the pixelazation was intentional...sort of the dell is failing.
        • The DELL logo needs trimming as the black on parts of it is darker.
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