Brand Confusion
Contest Directions: With the recent drop in consumer demand, some new companies try the marketing strategy known as "brand confusion". Such wannabe companies attract customers by designing their products and logos similar to some famous brand. Here's one example from Tokyo.
Let's take brand confusion to a new level and swap any two brands. Take any product with famous brand (or just logo) and substitute a name from another brand. For example, take the famous Nike logo and in Nike font letters write "Puma". Take a Snickers candy bar and substitute "Snickers" for "Nescafe" written with Snickers distinctive letters. These are just some ideas.
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  • Lay's

  • Botox Clean-Up

    Botox Clean-Up
  • Watch Your Weight

    Watch Your Weight
  • Starkist Juice

    Starkist Juice
  • Starkist Coffee

    Starkist Coffee
  • NyetScape - New Russian Search Site

    NyetScape - New Russian Search Site
  • Fairer and Balanceder

    Fairer and Balanceder
  • Beyond Conservancy

    Beyond Conservancy
  • J-LOW

  • HONDA wishing it was a HARLEY-DAVIDSON

    HONDA wishing it was a HARLEY-DAVIDSON
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