Bobblehead Celebrities

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  • Started: 5/15/2013 13:00
  • Ended: 5/18/2013 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 62
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Bobblehead Celebrities
Contest Directions: Reddit user SamuEL got famous for creating a series of celebrities that look like bobble heads. Note how he keeps them as photo-realistic as possible, so celebrities in his works actually look like big-headed freaks. Yeah, that's one of the reasons Photoshop was created!
Take any celebrities and turn them into bobbleheads as in the examples above.

Contest Info

    • Started: 5/15/2013 13:00
    • Ended: 5/18/2013 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 62
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
62 pictures
  • John Travolta in the Caribbean

    John Travolta in the Caribbean
        • excellent use of source and he looks like on a weekend party... LOL good chop in making his bottled head and the Coconut watermelon mix is great nice innovative
        • Congrats, Hitspinner!
          True the best picture in contest.
        • Congratulations HS! It's about time for you to hit the Winner's circle.
        • Yo, I just realized while looking at my stats page. This was chop #500 here at FN.

          LOL Geriatric... you noticed too! Oh well, I'm back in my comfort zone and have my big puter back and running. I had so little to chop with over the last few months so the work was a bit lack-luster. Hopefully now I can keep a AAA+ production line going on these goofy buggers.
          Thanks HH, Icy, Wanderer, Gugu, Doc, Ariel, Rajesh, Geri and Eric.
        • Really good chop, congrats on the win and thanks you for your nice comment on my chop.
        • Gold congrats, Hitspinner!Deserved place,all composition is perfect!
  • Angelina Jolie Bobblehead

    Angelina Jolie Bobblehead
        • Love it! Nice and big just like a bobble head should be.
        • A perfect bottledhead seen in this contest well done
        • Very nicely done and congrads on the cupperoooski!
        • Thanks!! Very happy! I really enjoyed making these; thrilled one of them made it to the podium!
        • Thanks! Of course, now I wonder if I could have wrestled the gold if I'd enlarged/bobbleheaded her dragon tattoo, too.
        • Silver congrats, Icy!
          Magnificent chop!
  • Willa Holland Bobblehead

    Willa Holland Bobblehead
        • She looks hot in Black dress... good bottleheaded girl
        • Looks like my first love... errrrr minus the big head LOL Frame it! You smoked a 9 hour chop that lies misserably below you hahahahah. Honestly, you do beautiful work, man. Clean as it comes! Congrads
        • Bronze congrats, berdu!
          Looks photo-realistic!
  • Albert Einstein Car Dash Bobblehead

    Albert Einstein Car Dash Bobblehead
        • I don't care if it rains or freezes. LOL
          Love it!!
        • Now Einstein is a really a guy to be deserved in Fantastic four but this chop makes it possible and well done by Hidden Author
        • "Woooo Hooooo!" to coin the phrase from Walter Mathauw... dang, can't remember how to spell his name. Thanks for the votes. This was a labor of love... my hero
        • Wood congrats for Hits too!
          Clever one!
  • Yvonne Strahovski Bobblehead

    Yvonne Strahovski Bobblehead
        • She is lovely and the dress is awesome well done
        • Uggggggh, soooo elegant! Beauty of a source and chop
  • Kelsey Grammar Bobblehead

    Kelsey Grammar Bobblehead
        • He looks like a cross breed of Giraffe
        • Wish I has thought of this... frikin rocks! hahahahahah
  • Lady Gaga Bobblehead

    Lady Gaga Bobblehead
  • Barack Obama Bobblehead on a Donkey

    Barack Obama Bobblehead on a Donkey
        • Nice water work. The shoe in the back looks too large and turned at the wrong angle, unless you're saying Obama has a club foot? I don't think his hair stands up like that and your edges could be softer. I use a large soft brush with very little power and grab a color of the background near the edge and paint lightly over the edge of the object being inserted -- this makes them look like they're from the same moment (in addition to "color match" and "exposure" etc.) Good donkey source, nice background. Good luck!
        • Awesome..and I dont mind if he has club foot LOL
        • A well deserved ride.... Obama looks funnier with Bottle head He seems to be much happier to get into a donkey
  • Blake Lively Bobblehead

    Blake Lively Bobblehead
        • Very pretty image. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think she is Blake Lively...
        • OOOHHH I am sorry!Thank You Ariel,You are right!
          She is Blake Lively,THX for kind words!!!
        • Awesome background and well illuminated wih lighting effects given to that hot girl
        • Looks great! Only thing I would say to change is maybe bring her right shoulder down and in some. ( left side when viewing image) something about that part kinda sticks out to me as being out of place. The rest is perfect though.
        • Gawd, I hate voting in these things. I always get it wrong. My money was on this one.n It is one, finely tuned, attractive chop. I love that AZ Rainman style of contrasting
  • Mila Kunis Fairy on a Toadstool

    Mila Kunis Fairy on a Toadstool
        • The head does not look larger. I need sources to compare! Nice other work, though. Love the mushrooms!
        • Please refresh the page,IcyAllEyeCan. Mushrooms are a kind of Bobblehead,huh?
        • Stole my heart at the first look.... Amazing chop and nice background chosen and the beauty sitting on the Mushroom is awesome great lightning and sparkling effects on the picture
  • Jim Parsons Bobblehead Holding His Golden Globe

    Jim Parsons Bobblehead Holding His Golden Globe
        • Really clean work. Only wonder if the shadow is in the right place.
        • Big head deserves big awards well done like it
        • Hmmm my first comment didn't take??? Oh well, Bazing!!! Love big bang chop, love the show and everything connected. Always great chops fromk you, Doc.
        • Thanks, Icy! Thanks, eric! Thanks, raj!
  • Unshaved Gabriella Cilmi Bobblehead

    Unshaved Gabriella Cilmi Bobblehead
        • Very good, I would preferred her shaved though...
        • Looks great with Unshaved body... LOL like here i want girls with hair in her body
        • Thanks and OH NO I or we like hairy and natural,please DONīT SHAVE!!!
  • Robert Downey Jr Bobblehead

    Robert Downey Jr Bobblehead
        • Very nice. I wish the words were a little higher so they didn't cross behind his beard. Nice source!
        • Thanks! I had rough time trying to place his name.

          [Edited by User on 5/17/2013 10:02:41 PM]
        • Its a rockstar look given to that person looks awesome and clean job done
        • Thanks everyone. I really enjoyed making the custom background and logo for this one.
        • Thanks

          [Edited by User on 5/19/2013 2:59:02 AM]
  • Ashley Benson Bobblehead

    Ashley Benson Bobblehead
  • Skunk Anansie Bobblehead

    Skunk Anansie Bobblehead
  • Marilyn Monroe Bobblehead

    Marilyn Monroe Bobblehead
        • Thanks, Eric. I was pretty happy with the results!
        • Great image processing ... congrats IcyAllEyeCan !!!
        • Thank you, all. This is a keeper; I'm proud of it.
  • Milla Jovovich Bobblehead

    Milla Jovovich Bobblehead
        • You missed some hair in the background to the right side of her face. Nice source!
        • looks perfect among one of the entries submitted good one
  • Gwen Stefani Bobblehead

    Gwen Stefani Bobblehead
        • The neck looks a little painterly. Wish you had cloned out the red writing on the left side and extended the hedge up behind her head. Good choice, she sort of looks like a bobblehead anyway!
        • Lean body and a Big head with extra hat to carry on it well done
        • Thanks for the critique. However Suzseams and extending images out of the border are my signature styles. All my entries have both.
  • Martin Freeman Bobblehead

    Martin Freeman Bobblehead
        • I love this filter, what did you use? This is a perfectly executed chop. I think, in my humble opinion, if you added a few more items that made a story out of it you would have left me in the dust. This is just that good to my eye
  • Christina Ricci Bobblehead

    Christina Ricci Bobblehead
        • Awesome.... a beauty of beauties... looks like a Snowwhite princes wearing a Lipstick well done
  • Jake Gyllenhaal Bobblehead

    Jake Gyllenhaal Bobblehead
        • Interesting theme ... you've got the moon, but the Earth is called the "Big Blue Marble" -- yes?
        • Now this Owl is spying and the Blue eye is amazing to this chop well done and great job done
        • Deserved better, I have a rough time figuring out the outcomes of these big contests. So many good ones get drowned out by so many good ones, you know? You are up there with the most creative...
  • Valeria Sorokoletova Bobblehead

    Valeria Sorokoletova Bobblehead
        • It looks like her head is shown in a magnifying glass good job
        • Simple, Elegant and executed like a true pro! Almost too perfect. Maybe should have added a fly on her nose to make people stop and go "WTF", you know ..pasy closer attention. LOL I dunno, It's sort of a trick I use and works sometimes
        • Hey thanks, great idea. It seems that most people only vote for ones they like rather than giving every piece a score that it deserves. I think they should make it mandatory that everyone who submits must vote on all pieces. That' seems to be a more fair way of doing it rather than using a weighted system.
  • Helen Flanagan Bobblehead

    Helen Flanagan Bobblehead
        • That red is perfect for this!! You may not have added it but it is your decision to use it and isperfect for the chop
  • Barbie Girl Nicki Minaj Bobblehead

    Barbie Girl Nicki Minaj Bobblehead
        • Her as a Barbie look-alike? Nah...she's a BoobyHead. Nice work-good luck.
        • She's wearing a dress that has Barbie on it.
        • Well done on the sources... and a big foot and a bottled head is awesome good choice of using the source pic
        • I dunno what this is doing here and not wrestling with the other chops at the top, I thought this was goofified magic. Ahhh I see the boo-boo now on second inspection... bloody crop halo around her. Nope, they'll ding that every time. Still... fun stuff, mate.
        • OH, no, Hitspinner -- that was my bad shadow attempt. She was cleanly cropped.
  • Michelle Obama Bobblehead

    Michelle Obama Bobblehead
  • Woody Allen Bobblehead

    Woody Allen Bobblehead
  • Hugh Laurie Bobblehead

    Hugh Laurie Bobblehead
        • Great source!! The shadow on the neckline is the only issue -- but it's really great work!
  • Jodie Foster Bobblehead

    Jodie Foster Bobblehead
  • Prince Charles Bobblehead

    Prince Charles Bobblehead
  • Amelia Lily Bobblehead

    Amelia Lily Bobblehead
  • Jim Carrey Bobblehead

    Jim Carrey Bobblehead
  • Captain Picard Bobblehead

    Captain Picard Bobblehead
  • Zooey Dechanel Bobblehead

    Zooey Dechanel Bobblehead
  • Robin Williams Bobblehead

    Robin Williams Bobblehead
  • Lionel Messi Bobblehead

    Lionel Messi Bobblehead
        • Nice bottledhead design on the magazine cover good one
        • Thank you, Rajeshstar.
          It is very hard contest.
  • Little Jim Carrey

    Little Jim Carrey
  • Susan Sarandon Bobblehead

    Susan Sarandon Bobblehead
        • You've got the edge of a mask on her throat. Nice source, though!
        • She looks pretty and cool... But where is the bottle-headed concept here
  • Shakira Bobblehead

    Shakira Bobblehead
  • Chesley Sullenberger Bobblehead

    Chesley Sullenberger Bobblehead
        • Amazing background and shadows
        • This big heads makes him to take critical decisions Very well done too big to put into the frame
  • Clint Eastwood Bobblehead

    Clint Eastwood Bobblehead
  • Jon Hamm Bobblehead

    Jon Hamm Bobblehead
  • Carlos Santana Bobblehead

    Carlos Santana Bobblehead
  • Inflated Presidents Vlad Putin and Barack Obama

    Inflated Presidents Vlad Putin and Barack Obama
  • Sinead O'Conner Bobblehead

    Sinead O'Conner Bobblehead
  • Mona Lisa Bobblehead

    Mona Lisa Bobblehead
  • Mad Bobblehead People

    Mad Bobblehead People
  • Kim Jong Un Tombstone

    Kim Jong Un Tombstone
        • Yes, is pollikitol as is says in Sinanju dialect.
  • Scarlet Johannson Bobblehead

    Scarlet Johannson Bobblehead
        • I wonder if she's a "mouth breather" -- her lips are always parted!

          Good job, good source!
  • Ricky Martin Bobblehead

    Ricky Martin Bobblehead
  • Naomi Campbell Bobblehead

    Naomi Campbell Bobblehead
  • Eddie Murphy Bobblehead

    Eddie Murphy Bobblehead
  • Sheryl Crow Bobblehead

    Sheryl Crow Bobblehead
        • Nice idea to roll her gown using the Toilet rolls
  • Keith Richards with a Tiny Head

    Keith Richards with a Tiny Head
  • Ornella Muti Bobblehead

    Ornella Muti Bobblehead
  • Tom Cruise Bobblehead

    Tom Cruise Bobblehead
  • Johnny Depp Bobblehead

    Johnny Depp Bobblehead
  • Betty Grable Bobblehead

    Betty Grable Bobblehead
  • Jennifer Lopez Bobblehead

    Jennifer Lopez Bobblehead
  • Bobblehead Bean

    Bobblehead Bean
  • Oprah Bobblehead

    Oprah Bobblehead
        • Your sources are too small. Next time look for images "larger than 2MP" via google or whatever sourcing you use.
        • She looks like a classical kindergarten teacher
  • World Leader Bobbleheads

    World Leader Bobbleheads
  • Modonna Bobble Head

    Modonna Bobble Head
62 image entries
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