Contest Directions: Show evidence in favor (footprints, photos) or against bigfoot (hoax photos - men wearing Bigfoot suit, etc.).
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Malaysia has announced that it intends to send two teams of scientists to its southern rain forests to track down a huge ape that has been spotted there in recent times. The so-called "Bigfoot" fever has been gripping the Malaysian media for several weeks after a number of sightings of the gorilla-like creature in the southern state of Johor. The creature is described as being over ten feet tall and stands on two legs. Bigfoot (Yeti, Sasquatch) is an anthropoid creature, allegedly found in various high-mountainous or forest areas of the Earth. The opinion exists that this is a relic of a hominid, i.e. mammal, belonging to the order of primitives and genus of humans, which survived to date since the ancestral period of human beings. Carl Linnaeus labeled it as Lat. Homo troglodytes (Cave man). Soviet scientist B.F.Porshnev paid more attention towards Bigfoot (called relict hominoid). Description Judging by hypotheses and unconfirmed evidence, Bigfoot differs from us by a more compact figure, a pointed skull shape, lengthy arms, a short neck and massive lower jaw and rather short hips. Bigfoot possesses hair all over the body — black, rust or grey in color. The face of Bigfoot is dark in color. The length of the hair on the head is longer than the hair on the body. Moustaches and beards are very rare and short. Bigfoot possesses a strong unpleasant odor. They can quickly clamber onto trees. It is asserted that a mountainous population of yeti's lives in caves and yetis, living in forests, constructs nests on the branches of trees. From the point of view of ethnography, the introduction to Bigfoot (Yeti) and his various local analogues is rather interesting. The image of a huge terrible person can reflect natural fears in the darkness, uncertainty, and relations with mystical forces in different people. Quite probably, the unnatural hair or wild people are considered yetis. If a relic hominoid exists, then they live in small groups, probably as married couples. Yetis can move their rear limbs. The height of yetis should fluctuate from 1 to 2.5m; in most cases 1.5-2 m; encounters with the largest individuals in the mountains of Central Asia (Yeti) and in North America (Sasquatch) are reported. In many cases, the height did not exceed 1.5m of the yetis found in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Africa. Assumptions are in circulation that, the observed relict hominoids belong to certain different kinds, at least three. Existence: The majority of modern scientists believe that the yeti is a myth. Presently, not a single representative of the species, living in captivity, nor a single skeleton or skin is available. Nevertheless, probably hair, footprints and some tens of photos, video recordings (poor quality) and audio records are available. The authenticity of this evidence can be doubted. The short film, recorded by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin in 1967 in North California was considered as one of the most convincing evidences for a long time. A female Bigfoot is shown in the film. However, in 2002, after the death of Ray Wallace, for whom the recording was made, relatives and acquaintances of Ray Wallace stated that (however, without any substantial evidence) the entire history with the “American Bigfoot” was forged right from the beginning till the end; 40 cm “Footprints of Bigfoot” were artificial and the film was a production episode with a person in the costume of an ape. This came as a serious blow to enthusiasts who are trying to find the Bigfoot. References in history and literature: Numerous images of creatures, similar to Bigfoot (on artistic items of Ancient Greece, Rome, Carthage and Etruscans and medieval Europe) and references, including in The Bible, and the folklore of the various people are known. Versions: The most popular versions, according to which, Bigfoot is a descendant of those other hominoids, having a huge height or a thickset body structure. Among the candidates: o Gigantanthropus — probable relative of orangutans; o Meganthropus — Subspecies of Homo erectus; o Neanderthal man — of the species Homo, having a thickset body structure and for longer periods, lived in hilly regions of Europe In his book the “Paradox of the 20th century”, ufologist Boris Shurinov has come out with an assumption that Bigfoot is an alien. A Japanese mountaineer asserts that he revealed the secret of Bigfoot and now, the searchers, working for years with disturbed minds to solve the puzzle, is finished. After 12 years of research, Makoto Nebuka asserts, that legendary Bigfoot, the yeti from the Himalayas is a huge anthropoid something like the brown Himalayan bear (Ursus Arctos). Researches have been in search of Bigfoot since the 19th century. Bigfoot became a legend in 1951, when huge footprints were found by one of the expeditions in the Himalayas. Since then, many unconfirmed reports about the sighting of a Bigfoot were reported and many searchers unknowingly believe in the existence of the legend. It would not be easy to dissuade them. Just last week, around 250 enthusiasts on the “Yeti” and “Bigfoot” assembled in Wooley Creek in California to analyze the reports about Bigfoot, separate the wheat from the chaff and to give them scientific authenticity. And many have made fortunes on the legend. For example, the “Hair of Bigfoot”, which made enough news, which was purchased from a Tibetan monastery in Kumjung, was given for verification and appeared to be a skillful fake with the use of the wool of a mountain goat.

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