Contest Directions: One of the dominating news of the last days was a claim of Bigfoot discovery by the three self-proclaimed Bigfoot hunters. Supposedly they found and dragged the 500-pound Bigfoot body from the woods in Georgia into an undisclosed location where they've put the body into a large freezer. The group organized the press conference last Friday, but refused to show the Bigfoot body, only distributed some blurry pictures and provided the Bigfoot DNA samples for investigation. Molecular biologists at the University of Minnesota studied the DNA samples and declared them to be just human and opossum DNA. Bigfoot hunters' response? "Bigfoot probably ate opossum - that's why."
Photoshop Bigfoot any way you wish. Some examples are: show support either in favor of Bigfoot existence, or show possible ways how the Bigfoot hoax was made. Masks or costumes? Photoshop? Who was acting as Bigfoot? These are some questions we hope to get answered this contest. Here's a good example.
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  • Lonely Bigfoot

    Lonely Bigfoot
  • what are you looking at?

    what are you looking at?

  • Mistake in identity

    Mistake in identity
  • Bigfoot sighting

    Bigfoot sighting
  • Missing Bigfoot

    Missing Bigfoot
  • hard times

    hard times
  • Change we can believe in!

    Change we can believe in!
  • Peek-a-boo!

  • Dick Cheney

    Dick Cheney
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This contest is fueled by the following news: "Yeti from Georgia" appeared to be made of rubber. Swindlers tricked and made a laughing stock of the group of enthusiasts, who are engaged in search of Yeti: Swindlers sold a crude imitation to the group. Once again, group of hunters, looking for “Bigfoot” – “Yeti” of American woods, could not succeed in catching the mysterious creature. Body, trapped under the block of ice and brought by them for carrying out DNA test turned out to be a rubber stuffed animal. However, fans-researchers are not especially disappointed: history has increased the attendance to their site and radio programs, dedicated to searches of yetis, live dinosaurs and other mysterious monsters. Let's remember that the first information about the finding of a huge body of a semi-person-semi-ape appeared several days ago. Enthusiast-hunters Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer published a press release and pictures of findings in the local newspaper in the State of Georgia. Both asserted that they have found a body in the woods and semi-people-semi-apes ran around the body. On Friday, biologist Curt Nelson from Georgia carried out an analysis on “samples from the body of the monster”, which were given to him by the enthusiasts-hunters. And here is the report: one of samples contained DNA of a human being and the other – an opossum. And the conclusion is that the body is a fake one. With a wish not to trust in failure, the enthusiasts waited eagerly till the entire body, placed in a freezing chamber, completely thaws. And after waiting is was found that the head and foot of the “Yeti” were made of ordinary rubber. Other parts of the body bore a strong resemblance to a monkey which is sold in local shop, and the teeth of the “monster” were a set of false teeth. One interesting fact is this - in the beginning, the enthusiasts stated that they found a “yeti” and according to the latest BBC news, they purchased the body from someone else. Obviously, “samples” too. And the enthusiasts are not revealing the name of the person from whom they purchased it, and for how much. Well, for more authenticity to this history, they said that apart from the body, they personally saw live yetis. “Researchers” said it can be understood that someone simply swindled them and sold them a shaggy carnival suit. All the same, as one of the researchers said, the enthusiasts are quite serious about their missions – either to find “Bigfoot” or prove that the “Bigfoot” does not exist. Nevertheless, all statements about similar findings do not go beyond the well-known film of 1967 of Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin. A gigantic hairy ape making its way through snow is embodied in the film. The film brought popularity and money to authors. The film was shown in many theaters and the creators were invited to a television show. The authenticity of the recording was discussed several years later and only in 2002 a person admitted that they made the ape costume for Patterson.

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