Barack Obama the Soldier
Barack Obama the Soldier
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      • krrish This is outstanding. Brilliant and Exceptional work. Love it.
      • lucianomorelli caricature seems has become an issue in theese contests . Is this photoshopping .
      • Kellie Yes this IS photoshopping lucianomorelli it best. Lovely work.
      • crusader234 I find warp and liquify are mercy-less demons, this is outstanding work.
      • deaddog Like I said in the past........ photorealistic chops are a thing of the past and that is where it all started. It's all about fire and ferries and bubbles and filters and .................... Good pic. I made the mistake of doing a caricature on Worth and was DQ'd faster than you can blink an eye.
      • toadly Yes this is good work, but a nice clean realistic photo chop is still a tough work of art.
      • PSMandrake many thanks, guys, honestly speaking, I do not understand English, but I can say that I love this work I have done, to realize, everything, 12 hours, 2 days of work, of course I do not play the comments, I can not understand why I repeat, mote, thanks. cordiai greetings.
      • deaddog toadly... I agree but they are just not recognized or appreciated anymore and always lose to the filtered fire and ice.
      • PSMandrake oh my god, words seem to me charl bukowski.
      • PSMandrake however gently, to speak in the particular forum fotorealism. perhaps it is better. or not. not because I do not know, is always a way to make ditascaie inutilu comments, just to earn a few cents in the comments. with one that does not even speak English, the form of criticism to my voice, he became, in memories, surreal, I like that, but I ask you please talk about my voice, not metaphors, I do not understand. Best regards and thanks many many thanks, a common evil, the common punishment, said my father.
      • krrish hmm, What ever the chop is. It is a great piece of art. It is not an easy to play with wrap and liquify tool. We are very lucky that we have these type of artists in FN.
      • PSMandrake Krrish molte grazie amico, le tue parole sono meravigliose, e questo mi rende molto felice, e mi aiuta ad andare avanti nel mio lavoro. Grazie cosė tanto per cosė tanto. Krrish many thanks friend, your words are wonderful, and this makes me very happy, and help me to move forward in my work. thanks so much for so much. I write in my own language, because the translator is wrapped tricks ihihhi
      • krrish Hidden Author, Yeah, Just way to go Man.
      • pcrdds How does a caricature of Obama fit in with the link.
      • Chili I thought about that too Pcrdds. I do'nt get it .....
      • PSMandrake if you look good is not a uniform of any army, Simply, a toy, "Toy Soldiers"
      • Kellie Obama isn't the subject here...Toy Soldiers are, the author just used Obama as the Toy Soldier could have been anyone they used, open your mind people.
      • GeneralPepper touchy subject... and so many comments exchanged. i sort of have to agree with Luciano, FN seems to me to have become less of a fun place for thought used by amateur chop-ers and more and more a quasi-pro place for full-time Photoshop-ers. Too Bad. / Dommage . / Č peccato .
      • PSMandrake GeneralPepper excuse me, I'm not the only, professional users, which makes this to work, I studied for my work, refresher courses, and believe me I have a certain age and 12 years working in the field of graphics, kindly could ask all the "pro" from my teacher, who everyone knows who he is.
      • macwithfries What I find sad is that the "anti caricature brigade" find it necessary to discuss this sort of thing on someone's entry. (for whatever reasons they might have at the moment) Spare a thought for the author here guys... Nice chop
      • NewsMaster Great piece of work. What I like about this is that it's a PHOTO caricature, not a classic drawn caricature, and such chops often place high because they are amazing PHOTO distortions of reality.
      • PSMandrake Very many thanks, newsmaster, I appreciate his comment, I respect you very much. and always an honor for me, Realize freakingnews for my work. Yours sincerely, really and truly many many many thanks.
      • PSMandrake macwithfries many many thanks. I read it now appeared after I comment .... you are always very kind, and I think your beautiful words. thank you thank you thank you thank you very much.
      • krrish Agreed with Mac, Seems a group of people targeting and I don't understand is this discussion necessary.
      • NewsMaster Krrish: I agree, such discussions are better suited for the forums
      • GeneralPepper i also concurr with Mac - and of course, Hidden, i could have been explicit: my comment was not aimed specifically at your entry. i repeat, touchy subject: my comment was number 25 or so, and now we're close to 40.
      • PSMandrake General Pepper, no problem, we are here also to be friends, and peace, and hopefully a new friendship, I hope it's mutual. excuse my English.
      • Chili Going back to my earlier comment about me agreeing with pcrdds i never said that i think the caricature of Obama was bad . I think its very well done . The point was , the news story says its about the action figures of the 80's like GI-Joe & Rambo . Obama was'nt even around back then. Thats it , point said .
      • crusader234 I think Rwpike sets the bar/standard for caricatures. at first i thought this was one of his.... also Art is always in the eye of the beholder.. Great picture.
      • PSMandrake thank you very much, Chili, GeneralPepper.
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