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Contest Directions: Bar code creator Norman Woodland died last Sunday at the age of 91. On October 7, 1952, Woodland and his colleague Bernard Silver were granted the first patent for their invention. Ever since bar codes were used in the 70s, they changed the face of the modern commerce and saved shoppers countless hours on checkout lines. Woodland came up with the bar code idea while being an engineering student. He based bar codes on the Morse code that he learned as a boy scout.
To pay tribute to bar code creator Norman Woodland, photoshop bar codes any way you wish. Some examples are: add some art to bar codes; shape them into something, blend bar codes with objects, architecture, animals, paintings, etc.
21 hi-res pictures
  • Bar Cube

    Bar Cube
  • Big Bang Bar Code

    Big Bang Bar Code
  • Two Sunsets

    Two Sunsets
  • Overly engineered paint job

    Overly engineered paint job
  • Barcoded window

    Barcoded window
  • Ruled by barcodes

    Ruled by barcodes
  • Inside Pink Barcode

    Inside Pink Barcode
  • In a world of barcodes

    In a world of barcodes
  • Baracode

  • Gone Fishing

    Gone Fishing
21 high resolution images
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