Bamboo Trash Bin

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  • Started: 9/28/2012 06:00
  • Ended: 10/2/2012 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 30
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Bamboo Trash Bin
Contest Directions: This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images.
Photoshop this image of bamboo-trash-bin (image credit: Joel Haas) any way you wish. Some examples are - re-designing this bamboo trash bin, decorating this waste container, using this bamboo trash bin image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Contest Info

    • Started: 9/28/2012 06:00
    • Ended: 10/2/2012 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 30
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
30 pictures
  • Little Girl with her Magic Cubby House in the Forest

    Little Girl with her Magic Cubby House in the Forest
        • Marvelous... like the concept of Jungle and the Bamboo wooden house is a secrete door to the world of her dreams
        • Smooth as silk Lovely feeling in this entry..I like the sky since the door is a gateway to the dreams
        • Thanks pals, the concept I used here is a magic door that connecting two different world something like the wardrobe in The Chronicle of Narnia.
        • Wonderful work, worthy to be in any children's book!
          Congrats on the gold, Mr. Black!
  • Queen Elizabeth Using an Out House

    Queen Elizabeth Using an Out House
        • Women only!!! or Royal Women only??? very funny to have guards in place for that stuff and Men anywhere enjoying the freedom
        • LOL.... brilliant
          men [-] anywhere LOL

          Fantastic chop...Lovely Mr.Beans
        • Sincerely made me laugh! Very clever British Royal humor here!
          Congrats on the silver, Wanderer!
        • Thank you
  • Mitt Romney's Lemonade Stand

    Mitt Romney's Lemonade Stand
        • It's all or nutting, baby - either the white house, or the bamboo house!
          Great chop!
        • Very funny to see Romney and its after effects of Elections good part time job well done and Romney's hut design is freaking
        • Nice garden and Obamas posture is freaking brilliant... hows the taste of Lemonade sir!! Cool chop
        • Congratulations. Always a crowd pleaser.
        • Hahaha, I liked the new/changed drawing for sale here!
          Congrats on the bronze, Paul!
        • Thanks, Bob! Thanks, Newsy! Yes, I thought it only fitting to include that drawing!
  • Jungle Native Driving His Bamboo Car

    Jungle Native Driving His Bamboo Car
        • Very cool! The front piece should be behind the tread on the right, I believe.
        • Thanks pcrdds,AWESOME ! You're right,pcrdds ! I made some changes, hope it works !
        • Looks great! Love the pumpkin headlights!
        • Very glad you like it,CoolDES ! Thank you, pcrdds,Kellie !
        • The dirty bamboo trash is designed so well that this looks awesome you made the source a Chariot like thing with wheels attached and primitives dancing and enjoying their life well done
        • OMG this is hilarious...brilliant chop...According to me its the best idea and the execution Lovely bubbles and very clean chop Good luck
        • Very glad you like it, ericnorthend !
        • Woody congrats, gugulanul! I surely thought this would score higher!
        • Creative use of the source. This is what you can make out of bamboo if you try!
          Congrats on the (bamboo) wood, gugulanul!
  • Men Catch a Monster in a Bamboo Cage

    Men Catch a Monster in a Bamboo Cage
        • Fabulous job well done in chaining the bamboo house and like the mysterious creature inside
        • Cool work great chain to the hut keeping monster lock-down
  • Flight Of The Mechanical Bumblebee

    Flight Of The Mechanical Bumblebee
        • would be better if the edges of his armor looked like cut bamboo ,looks like he went to
        • thank you all, I really appreciate your comments. It took me a long time to do it. Believe me tgiles1981, I did all the job on photoshop. Thank you anyway, your comments are still welcome.
        • Excellent work!!!! Nice poster design... and you rock in this chop Hidden really amazing work displayed and the poster is simply awesome
        • I like this texture to the transformer..wings to hut hmm nice idea..
        • thank you, ericnorthend, thank you rajeshestar for your support, you make me want to, always, do better. I'm very pleased to share this passion with you.
        • Every single entry received a vote of "1" except for this one. Strange indeed.
  • Little Girl Finds a Magic House in the Forest

    Little Girl Finds a Magic House in the Forest
        • Excellent use of light source and well illuminated chop this one is so beautiful and like the concept of the baby towards the Hut
        • Wow.. amazing light effect its out of the box.. ultra-clean and flawless with adorable theme work.

  • Man Cat Fishing by and Old Out House

    Man Cat Fishing by and Old Out House
        • lol...a little bit of retirement fishing!
        • HA!!!!!!!!!! I never knew I was so hairy!
        • Well use of source good you can have some rest at that Bamboo house while fishing good one
        • Good catch, but I wonder if the fish will stink!
          Great chop!
  • Gollum the Monsanto Mutant

    Gollum the Monsanto Mutant
        • Very well done like the concept and the way it was designed and chopped is awesome like the skulls bearing plants in the field
        • Cleaver placement of lights on the field and skull's crop is ready to cut.... Awesome idea to convert source image to scary picture
  • Barack Obama Camping with a Bear

    Barack Obama Camping with a Bear
        • This would be true in near future very funny to see Obama is unaware of the Bear
  • Bamboo Airplane

    Bamboo Airplane
        • Very innovative work done Out of Box thinking nice one
  • Secret FEMA Camp

    Secret FEMA Camp
        • Aaaah... The FEMA Camps that Glenn Beck said he would get to the bottom of. And then before he got to the bottom of them, it was predicted that he would actually come back with footage and information that was proven to be false in order to use it as a way to debunk ALL FEMA Camps. Many fell for his rubbish attempt, but the awakening is moving at light speed, and many are realizing that these camps are all over the place. Good Job!!!
        • Great one All bamboo house represents as a small cottages for visitors
  • Alien Monster Hiding in a Babboo Trash Bin

    Alien Monster Hiding in a Babboo Trash Bin
        • Poor dog don't know who is hiding behind very well done .... Like the creature inside hiding...well fit
        • Purple blood!! Prometheus.2012 crashed LOL
  • Doctor Who in a Tiny Tardis

    Doctor Who in a Tiny Tardis
  • Small Outdoor Sauna Shed

    Small Outdoor Sauna Shed
  • Explosion at Vietnam

    Explosion at Vietnam
        • Great use of filter here love the smoke and fire ball good one
        • Quality work, but I feel the filter use is a bit strong here
  • Dog Toilet on the Sidewalk

    Dog Toilet on the Sidewalk
  • The Little Hut Digital Art

    The Little Hut Digital Art
        • Thank you NewsMaster...and Thank you ericnorthend.....

          [Edited by User on 6/15/2013 1:26:23 PM]
  • Shack with a Lake View

    Shack with a Lake View
  • Napoleon's Tire Sales

    Napoleon's Tire Sales
  • Political Red Line Trade Mark

    Political Red Line Trade Mark
        • you summarized the story 3amo .. expressive pic as usual
          and let us remember that politics has no morals especially when Israel is the leader
        • All together in one gunny bag great job and well done to show the hand imprint on that Bamboo house
  • Little House on the Prairie with a Bamboo Barn

    Little House on the Prairie with a Bamboo Barn
        • Our hearts should be Big not the House then you can make a happy family
  • Bambo Hut Going Over a Waterfall

    Bambo Hut Going Over a Waterfall
        • To Hilarious to see the Dog with life guard on and the Bamboo house is well balanced on that watery edge
        • Nicely merged with water and freaky work with the lady and funny idea of Dog...LOL champ enjoying up there
  • Street Christmas Nativity Scene

    Street Christmas Nativity Scene
  • Charlie Brown and Lucy in the Jungle

    Charlie Brown and Lucy in the Jungle
  • Bamboo Birdhouse Above the Trees

    Bamboo Birdhouse Above the Trees
  • Horse in a Tiny Stable in the Snow

    Horse in a Tiny Stable in the Snow
  • Creepy Man and His Little House on the Street

    Creepy Man and His Little House on the Street
  • Oscar the Grouch's Bamboo Trash Bin House

    Oscar the Grouch's Bamboo Trash Bin House
  • Obama in India Using a Bamboo Out House

    Obama in India Using a Bamboo Out House
30 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Bamboo (Latin: Bambusoideae) is a large subfamily of Poaceae family of plants. Around 1200 types are found in the subfamily. There are two basic types of bamboo, which simultaneously represent two taxonomic tribes: Bamboos tribe: representatives of lignifying plants with slender, frequently branching, often with long stems, hollow, delicate crowns, grass-like leaves and sometimes with gigantic flowers. Olyreae tribe (lat. olyreae): plants, which grow as "regular" grass, form brushwood and are lignifying; as a rule, given plants rarely grow above one meter in height. Description: Growth and development of some types: Practically all bamboo reach huge sizes (for instance: Dendrcalamus brandisii can grow up to 38 m, in this case, circumference of stem reaches 80 cm, i.e. around 25 cm in diameter). Ordinary bamboo blossoms once in 25 years, abundantly and simultaneously on large territories; bamboo forms fruits and then dies off completely or only its ground sprouts die but rhizome is preserved. Gigantic bamboo "Bambusa gigantea" blossoms once in 30 years. In India and China, Bambusa tulda grows up to 22 m in a single month. In the Amazon basin, bamboo "Bambusa latifolia" has broad leaves and it is an integral part of aboriginal flora. Poecilophyllous types of bamboos were brought to Europe from China and Japan; amongst which, "Bambusa fortunei", a Japanese undersized bamboo is especially popular as decorative plant. Bamboo is characterized by accelerated growth and the record growth of 120 cm in one day was observed in madake (Phyllostachys bambusoides). While cultivating bamboo as decorative plant, it is necessary to remember that the given plant is characterized by highly developed rhizomes and hence, it is capable of "occupying" a big area within a shortest period of time. In order to avoid such "growth", it is advised, before planting, to create special barriers in the ground in order to stop the growth of rhizomes. Usage: Food product: Young bamboo shoots (culms) are used in food as vegetables. Bambusa, Dendrocalamus and Phyllostachys types are frequently used in food. Bamboo shoots (culms) are used in traditional Eastern medicine. Similar to oats, bamboo grains can also be used in food. Bamboo - staple food of the Big Panda. Construction material: Houses can be constructed using rigid, light-weight and strong bamboo. Long ago the entire capital of Thailand used bamboo floats. Bridges and water pipelines were also constructed from bamboo. Horticulture: Bamboo is one of the main elements in Chinese horticulture. It is also acquiring huge popularity in European gardens. Household articles: Bamboo is used for making furniture. Hats, woven baskets and window shades, chop sticks for eating and many more things can be made from bamboo. The citizens of Java use bamboo for making "dishes" and also as food - young bamboo shoots (culms) are roasted in bamboo bends on charcoal. Bamboo is used as writing material and as paint brushes in China. In the middle ages, containers to store loose items and flask-type things for liquids were made from thick bamboo pipes. Various types of woven things and even upper clothes are made from split bamboo. Canes and handles for umbrellas were prepared in Europe for a long time. Bamboo fishing rods and skiing sticks are quite popular. In the end of the 19th century, even bicycle frames were manufactured from bamboo in the USA. Bansphor caste (from bans - bamboo), which is a closed community of craftsmen, specialized in making bamboo articles in India. Bamboo musical instruments: Various types of musical instruments were made using bamboos in some countries, especially in China, Indonesia, Japan, India and Tahiti islands. For instance, the flute the "Shakuhachi" in Japan and the Bansuri in India are manufactured from bamboo. However, the use of bamboo is not restricted only to wind instruments, it is also used to manufacture stringed and percussion musical instruments. Weapon: Bamboo was used and is still used to manufacture various types of weapons: air gun, poles, arrows, arrow tips and spears. It was also used as an agonizing tool of sustained punishment. The person to be executed is tied over a cut tip. Bamboo would grow and pierce the punished. Raw material: In China, the major part of paper was produced from bamboo culms and bamboo fiber, produced in Jamaica, is the main raw material for North American paper industries. Cultural significance: Numerous symbolic meanings are associated with bamboo. For example, it symbolizes longevity in China and is the symbol of friendship in India. In the Philippines, farmers put bamboo crosses in plantations as a talisman, which brings fortune. In Japan, positive concepts are associated with bamboo. Since bamboo grows straight and has fresh green culms and leaves, it is considered as a sign of cleanliness in Japan. Along with branches of pine and blossoming cheery trees, bamboo is a symbol of the land of the rising sun. These three plants are not just symbols of fortune but are also used for designating the high quality of sushi. At the end of the year, each entrance of a Japanese home is decorated with a bunch of pine branches and bamboo culms (kadomatsu) and according to beliefs in Japan, these decorations bring happiness in the new year. Bamboo was a favorite item for the majority of Chinese artists. Wen Tong (1019-1079 sung era) was one of the most acclaimed masters of bamboo painting. Since bamboo blossoms are very rare and its seeds are used in food, predominantly during a famine, the bamboo blossoms are interpreted as a famine precursor in some cultures.

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