Balding Celebrities
Contest Directions: Celebrities are obsessed with their looks and hair is big part of it. Losing hair is like losing face in Hollywood, and there's never ending fight to reverse balding. Some celebrities start this battle too young, the latest example is Prince William, who's only 27.
Photoshop balding celebrities. Make sure they are not completely bald, but partially bald. Here's a good example by Johnx1.
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  • Bald Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Bald Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Bald Mad Hatter

    Bald Mad Hatter
  • Sexy Bald Mick Jagger

    Sexy Bald Mick Jagger
  • Bald Mr Bean

    Bald Mr Bean
  • Bald Dr House

    Bald Dr House
  • Balding George Bush

    Balding George Bush
  • Balding Hurley from Lost

    Balding Hurley from Lost
  • Bald Sandra Bullock

    Bald Sandra Bullock
  • Bald Kristen Stewart

    Bald Kristen Stewart
  • Bald Robert Downey Jr

    Bald Robert Downey Jr
  • Bald Bruce Willis

    Bald Bruce Willis
  • Bald Barack Obama

    Bald Barack Obama
  • Bald Alec Baldwin

    Bald Alec Baldwin
  • Balding Ziyi Zhang

    Balding Ziyi Zhang
  • Susan Sarandon Balding

    Susan Sarandon Balding
  • Balding Sandra Bullock

    Balding Sandra Bullock
  • Bald George Clooney

    Bald George Clooney
  • Bald Queen

    Bald Queen
  • HairlessStephen Hawking

    HairlessStephen Hawking
  • Bald Ronald McDonald Balloon

    Bald Ronald McDonald Balloon
  • Bald Zac Efron

    Bald Zac Efron
  • Balding Barack Obama

    Balding Barack Obama
  • Balding Halle Berry

    Balding Halle Berry
  • Bald Hugh Laurie

    Bald Hugh Laurie
  • Demi Moore Going Bald

    Demi Moore Going Bald
  • Zak Efron Balding

    Zak Efron Balding
  • Hans and Chewie Going Bald

    Hans and Chewie Going Bald
  • Hola Zapatero Bald

    Hola Zapatero Bald
  • Bald Nancy Pelosi

    Bald Nancy Pelosi
  • Balding Obama

    Balding Obama
  • Johnny Depp Balding

    Johnny Depp Balding
  • Bald Borat

    Bald Borat
  • Sad Bald Bill

    Sad Bald Bill
  • Balding Mick Jagger

    Balding Mick Jagger
  • Balding Lassie

    Balding Lassie
  • Balding Marilyn Monroe

    Balding Marilyn Monroe
  • Carrot Top Bald

    Carrot Top Bald
  • Hugh Laurie Balding

    Hugh Laurie Balding
  • Angelina Joile Balding

    Angelina Joile Balding
  • Bald Sam Worthington

    Bald Sam Worthington
  • Balding Halle Berry

    Balding Halle Berry
  • Balding Susan Boyle

    Balding Susan Boyle
  • Balding Paul McCartney

    Balding Paul McCartney
  • Balding Donald Trump

    Balding Donald Trump
  • Bald Elton John

    Bald Elton John
  • Balding Prince Charles

    Balding Prince Charles
  • Balding Natalie Portman

    Balding Natalie Portman
  • Balding Corey Feldman

    Balding Corey Feldman
  • Bald Leslie Nielson

    Bald Leslie Nielson
  • Balding Natalie Portman

    Balding Natalie Portman
  • Balding Morgan Freeman

    Balding Morgan Freeman
  • Balding Gordon Gekko

    Balding Gordon Gekko
  • Bald Vampirella

    Bald Vampirella
  • Bald Tiger Woods

    Bald Tiger Woods
  • Bald George Bush

    Bald George Bush
  • Bald George Bush the Clown

    Bald George Bush the Clown
  • Jimi Hendrix Comb Over

    Jimi Hendrix Comb Over
  • Bald Uma Thurman

    Bald Uma Thurman
  • Balding Benedict

    Balding Benedict
  • Balding Morena Baccarin

    Balding Morena Baccarin
  • Bald Cousin It

    Bald Cousin It
  • Balding Pamela Anderson

    Balding Pamela Anderson
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  • Started: 5/5/2010 11:30
  • Ended: 5/8/2010 17:00
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