Apple s Next Product

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  • Started: 1/28/2010 10:10
  • Ended: 1/31/2010 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 25
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Apple s Next Product
Contest Directions: Yesterday's Apple announcement of their new revolutionary product iPad almost broke the Internet. The storm of blog posts and tweets started with the mockery of the name of Apple's new tablet, the iPad. Within minutes blogsphere called it "iTampon", asking "iPad, but does it have wings?" Soon, "iTampon" became a trending topic on twitter, eventually slowing twitter down and making it go over capacity several times. Virtually every big site that wrote about iPad became slow. "I think the Internet is about to go down...going so slow. Thanks, Apple," wrote Twitter user nickbell79. Twitter wrote their official explanation that the server issues were caused by the huge number of tweets about iPad, which got twitters angry. "iPad, iMad", wrote many twitters. iPad prices will start at $499. Good luck, Apple fans!
Help Apple design and market any of their future products.

Contest Info

    • Started: 1/28/2010 10:10
    • Ended: 1/31/2010 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 25
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
25 pictures
  • Apple Maxi Pad Robot

    Apple Maxi Pad Robot
        • Congrats on the gold, master! You win the golden iPad signed by Steve Jobs!
        • Congrats on the gold again!!!
          your masterpiece very amazes.
        • This is so very good, I am chuckling and amazed.
        • Congratulations again and again and again...etc.
        • Lol geri comment!

          Thank you all again and again and again!

          I had serious fun with this one, cheers!
        • Really well put together funky! Did you boost the saturation at the last minute?
        • Ty jeremix, When I finish an image, (flatten the layers & reduce it in size for submission) I usually always tweat the saturation, colors and contrast levels one last time.

          why do you ask?
        • just because i thought it was unusually soft colored for a funkwood, untill i looked at it just now and thought...hay, the saturation is up.. I was wandering if i saw it correctly.
        • jere, they are fairly soft colors compared to some of my chops, but the foreground colors pop because I subdued, desaturated and blurred the background wall quite a bit. It's a great effect I've been toying with lately...
        • ah, I see. Maybe i will remember that when i make the next chop and finally beat yoass!
  • Apple Dangerous Baby Toy

    Apple Dangerous Baby Toy
  • The iQaeda ipad

    The iQaeda ipad
        • Bronze for GRM, who never ceases to come up with witty concepts!
  • ibomb

        • Wooden bombs for Slixta! Explosion will get everyone in splinters, you Pinocchio bomber!

  • islick iPhone Graffiti Maker

    islick iPhone Graffiti Maker
        • where can I buy one? Does it chop any source automatically too?
        • hhaahahahaha, I wish. That's the ifreak.
  • i Patch from Apple

    i Patch from Apple
  • iServe Waiter Accessory

    iServe Waiter Accessory
  • EyeBall ipod

    EyeBall ipod
        • Great concept ! found your image on google while looking for "eyeball"

  • I-WC (piss & read)

    I-WC (piss & read)
  • iSuck Apple Vacuum Cleaner

    iSuck Apple Vacuum Cleaner
  • iScanner Apple Body Scanner

    iScanner Apple Body Scanner
  • iPad with Everything

    iPad with Everything
  • I-Man George Bush Apple Robot

    I-Man George Bush Apple Robot
        • LOL the chop and the Operating system!
        • oh, very good. Is that a virus sticking out the robots neck?
  • iSlim

        • Yes, she is more slimer and beauty.hahaha.
        • Magical stuff, love the full view. Her bottom part of the torso seems cut strangely though?
  • i-Pod Shuttle in Cockpit

    i-Pod Shuttle in Cockpit
        • You did a lot of editing here mate. The result looks good. Did the FBI bust your ass for changing the shuttle?
        • lol I was wandering what that pain was newsy lol
  • Jobs Advertising with an iPad

    Jobs Advertising with an iPad
  • iPad Drive-In

    iPad Drive-In
        • Biggest ipod i've ever seen..

          I think the ipod needs a little less saturation or something..maybe contrast..

        • Great concept, but I agree the iPod saturation and contrast need some adjustments - right now it looks like iPod is somehow in front
  • God with an iPad

    God with an iPad
        • Lol Photoshop related accident.
          What did you do? Choke on your Wacom Stylus?
        • wife beat me up for spending too long chopping lol
        • I thought John referred to himself as "photoshop-related accident"
  • Apple Synaptic Overload

    Apple Synaptic Overload
  • iCandy the New iPad from Apple

    iCandy the New iPad from Apple
  • ihate iPad Application

    ihate iPad Application
  • itable

        • pretty cool but the image is rather small
        • yer that was due to the picture of the relaxing man being on the small size
        • nice idea, but its be better at large size.
  • iScroll Ancient Biblical iPad

    iScroll Ancient Biblical iPad
  • Secrets of the iPad

    Secrets of the iPad
  • Moses getting the Commandments on iPad

    Moses getting the Commandments on iPad
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Fortune wrote that Steve Jobs is "considered as one of Silicon Valley's leading egomaniacs". Comments on his temperamental style can be found in "The Little kingdom" by Mike Moritz - one of Jobs's few authorized biographies, in "The Second Coming of Steve Jobs" by Alan Deutschman and in "iCon: Steve Jobs" by Jeffrey Young and William Simon. In 1993, Jobs headed the Fortune list of Toughest bosses of America. Former colleague Jef Raskin once said that, Jobs could become " an excellent king of France". Jobs always aspired to position Apple and the company products in the foreground scene of information technologies, predicting and setting the tendencies, at least in the field of innovation and style. He himself said about this at the end of a keynote speech at a conference at the Macworld Expo in January 2007 by quoting the legend of hockey Wayne Gretzky: "There is an old citation of Wayne Gretzky, which I love. "I skate to the place where the puck is going to be, not where it has been". And, at Apple, we always attempted to do so. Right from the beginning and we will always do the same." According to Floyd Norman, in Pixar, Steve Jobs was "mature and soft" and never interfered with the creative process of the cinematographers. In 2005, Steve Jobs banned all the books, published by John Wiley and Sons in the Apple Store in reply to their publication of the unauthorized biography "iCon: Steve Jobs". Inventions: Jobs is indicated as the primary inventor or as co-author in more than 230 awarded patents or the patent applications, associated with a spectrum of technologies from real computers and portable devices to user interfaces (including sensors), sound speakers, keyboards, power adapters, staircases, fasteners, sleeves, straps and packets.