Antique Cell Phones
Contest Directions: Photoshop antique cell phones, or give the modern mobile phones the antique look.
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  • Flintstone Mobile

    Flintstone Mobile
  • Time to Call Her

    Time to Call Her
  • Razor

  • My First Sony

    My First Sony
  • Kyocera, BC collection

    Kyocera, BC collection
  • Modern Antique Phone

    Modern Antique Phone
  • Wood is L.O.V.E.

    Wood is L.O.V.E.
  • Tikiphone

  • Semi antique cell phone

    Semi antique cell phone
  • 40

  • God Texted

    God Texted
  • Old Cell Phone

    Old Cell Phone
  • Cell phone antique

    Cell phone antique
  • Antique style cell phone

    Antique style cell phone

  • Pimp Phone

    Pimp Phone
  • mobile wall phone

    mobile wall phone
  • Camera Phone

    Camera Phone
  • Cell Phone

    Cell Phone
  • Motorola Cell

    Motorola Cell
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This contest is fueled by the following news: April Third is the anniversary marking the 33rd year since the first public telephone call was placed on a portable cellular phone. ArrayComm Inc.'s chairman, Martin Cooper, placed the call while the general manager of Motorola's Communications System Division. It was his vision that brought about personal wireless communications, distinct from cellular car phones. He believed that given a choice people want the freedom to talk wherever they happen to be - which proved to be the truth as time as elapsed since the first phone of this nature was developed. Cooper recalls that as he walked down the streets of New York with his first portable phone, even the most jaded New Yorkers could be seen gaping and gasping at the sight. He noted that he made numerous calls at the time, including one in which he spoke to a New York City radio reporter while crossing the street in the City - a move that he considered one of his more dangerous in his life. History of cell phones: * In 1985, system ETACS (Enhanced Total Access Communications System), based on АМРS technology was accepted as national standard in Great Britain; * In 1989, the cell phone Motorola MicroTAC, the microphone of which was arranged in a folding cover (flip) was released; * In 1990, the new federal standard of digital communication IS-54 (D-AMPS) was approved in the USA; * In 1990, Qualcomm started research for a new type of communication, based on the CDMA (Сode Division Multiple Access) technology in the USA; * The first operator of a cellular communication on the basis of NMT-450 technology JSC “Delta Telecom” appeared on September 9, 1991 in Russia. The price of the phone Mobira - MD 59 NB2 (weighing about 3 kg) with a connection was approximately $4000. Conversations on the phone cost about $1 per minute. For the first four years of operations, “Delta Telecom” had 10,000 subscribers; * In 1992, the communication system, based on GSM technology was launched commercially in Germany; * In 1993, the first cell phone with a built-in clock Benefon Beta was manufactured; * In 1994, the GSM-operator — “North-West GSM” started operations in Russia; * In 1995, the communication system of the standard CDMA (IS-95) was launched for the first time in the world in China; * In 1996, the first cell phone “folding” model— Motorola StarTAC was released; * In 1996, the Nokia Communicator, consisting of the widest range of functions including fax and email, was manufactured; * In 1997, the cell phone Philips Spark, capable of working up to 350 hours without additional charge, was manufactured; * In 1997, the first cell phone with a color screen, the Siemens S10 was manufactured; * In 1998, the first mobile phone with a touch display - the Sharp PMC-1 Smart-phone appeared; * In 1999, the cell phone with WAP technology support — Nokia 7110 was launched; * In 1999, the cell phone with dual SIM-cards Benefon Twin + was launched; * In 1999, the first cell phone in a slider model, the Siemens SL10 was manufactured; * In 2000, the first cell phone with Internet Times (Swatch) technology — the Ericsson T20 was released; * In 2000, the first cell phone having GPS-receiver — the Benefon ESC was launched; * In 2000, the Japanese company SHARP along with cellular communication operator J-Phone released the first cell phones with a built-in camera; * In 2000, the first cellphone with an MP3-player and the support of flash memory Multi Media Card, the Siemens SL45 was released; * In 2001, the first cell phone, developed specially for women — the Samsung SGH-A400 was launched; * In 2001, NTT DoCoMo launches the 3G communication network; * In 2002, the first cell phone in a rotator model — the Motorola V70 was launched; * In 2002, the Ericsson Company launched the first mobile phone, supporting Bluetooth technology; * In 2002, JSC “Delta Telecom” launched a modern standard CDMA-450 for the first time in Russia; * In 2002, the first cell phone, supporting EDGE technology— the Nokia 6200 (Nokia 6220) was released; * In 2002, the first cell phone with a built-in digital camera — the Samsung V200 was launched; * The first cell phone with an internal OLED-display was launched by the Sanyo Company; * The first cell phone with an external OLED-display was the Fujitsu F504i.

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  • Started: 4/5/2006 06:00
  • Ended: 4/7/2006 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 20
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  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $30
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $20
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