Antique Camera

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  • Started: 3/11/2008 06:00
  • Ended: 3/15/2008 06:00
  • Level: apprentice
  • Entries: 20
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Apprentice 1st Place $1.5
  • FN Apprentice 2nd Place $0.9
  • FN Apprentice 3rd Place $0.6
Antique Camera
Contest Directions: Photoshop this antique-camera image (CLICK HERE to download) any way you wish. Examples may include merging this antique camera with some objects or animals; placing the antique camera into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas.
You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly.
Many thanks to Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Contest Info

    • Started: 3/11/2008 06:00
    • Ended: 3/15/2008 06:00
    • Level: apprentice
    • Entries: 20
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Apprentice 1st Place $1.5
    • FN Apprentice 2nd Place $0.9
    • FN Apprentice 3rd Place $0.6
20 pictures
  • Camera Accordion

    Camera Accordion
        • Congratulations on your first gold and big welcome to Freaking news!
  • Camera Train

    Camera Train
        • I like this pic. I think the camera integrates well with the steel wheels, tracking and I also like the B&W to reflect times gone by.
        • Very well blended and realistic, I love it.
  • Men Find Huge Camera

    Men Find Huge Camera
  • Picture Scout

    Picture Scout
        • Is that a camera by your pocket or are you pleased to see me?
        • Come into my studio, said the snapper to the girl,
          I will make you rich if you pose upon my couch..
  • Camera at Cancun

    Camera at Cancun
  • Crime Scene Painting

    Crime Scene Painting
        • The earliest depiction of the paparazzi? Cool!
          (I wanted to put a smiling smiley in here but I don't know how)
        • Thanks guys, my last one in the apprentice category got the 5 now off to play with the big boys, thanks for the votes
          P.S. Canvas a smileys done with the symbols : - ) only without the spaces that one's with a ;
  • Lego Characters with an Old Camera

    Lego Characters with an Old Camera
  • Armored Armadillo

    Armored Armadillo
  • Robot Looking for Artifacts

    Robot Looking for Artifacts
        • A touch of Dali about this

          [Edited by User on 3/14/2008 7:37:38 PM]
  • Man with a Camera Head Painting

    Man with a Camera Head Painting
  • 1st Spy Satallite in Space

    1st Spy Satallite in Space
  • Old Big Brother Poster

    Old Big Brother Poster
        • The good old days, when 1984 was the future !
          I think you should either keep all of the original shadow, or draw a new one.
  • Original Water Proof Camera

    Original Water Proof Camera
        • Hello. I like the water drop overlay on the camera but I think the camera is a bit sharper than the rest of the photo so the integration is noted.
          Great idea!
  • Antique Camera Pyramid

    Antique Camera Pyramid
        • Good idea, lighting etc.; it would be better if the pyramid aligned with the city's right-angle streets.
  • Children with a Camera Painting

    Children with a Camera Painting
  • Lucille Ball with an Old Camera

    Lucille Ball with an Old Camera
        • Lucy would be better colorized or sepia
          Camera a bit smaller
  • Multipurpose Microscope Camera

    Multipurpose Microscope Camera
  • Antique Camera Tank Toy

    Antique Camera Tank Toy
        • Inventive work, can i say the camera looks 3D but the track 2D, would it look even better copying the track to the other side & cloning some body between the two? maybe erasing the bottom shadows so it doesn't look so floating? IMO
        • I think the shadow behind the tank makes it look flat, Some ground under it and maybe scenery behind would have made a lot of difference.
  • Military Binocular Night Vision Camera

    Military Binocular Night Vision Camera
  • Chichen Itza Camera

    Chichen Itza Camera
        • IMO not too bad, maybe the perspective could do with a bit more of an angle as its further away so would be a bit flatter at the top, also I might remove the left hand base of the camera and clone the right side so it looked a bit more like a building, maybe clone the path into an entrance? the main thing is you keep trying, you'll soon be reeling the votes in
        • Is it a tank or a building? If it is meant to be huge the perspective is ok within this context, it give a surrealist feel to the image. Pretty eye catching to say the least, which is good.
        • Ah! - Azure sky you got me thinking so a quick google and here you go
          - "The sacred city of the Itza, called Chichen-Itza (chee-chehn eet-sah) in Maya, is located 75 miles east of Merida, the Capital of the State of Yucatan, Mexico" so now we know
        • Until I read your comment I honestly thought it said CHICKEN!
        • I LOVE how you matched the color patterns of the source images - perfect match. I would add some shadows from the camera.

          [Edited by User on 3/15/2008 9:04:22 AM]
20 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: The camera device (photographic device or photo camera) is a device that converts a light stream from a real object into a recording (storing) for comfortable view and which stores still pictures from a real life picture. Transformation of the light stream: The light stream from a real subject is limited by the lens's view angle; focused in the focal plane as required by the photographer's point of view; gauged according to intensity (aperture) and time of the effect; balanced according to color and etc. Recording (storing) of the light stream: The detection (finding) and storing of pictures in analogue cameras are carried out by light-sensitive material (photo film, photo plate etc). The detection (finding) of pictures in digital camera is done by a matrix, and the storing is carried out in the buffer and external flash-memory of digital cameras. The mechanism of a camera Modern cameras consist of: light-tight housing; optical system with focus systems: stabilization, stopping-down; viewfinder; matrices, which, in turn, can have system of focusing and stabilization, or set-up mechanism and photo-film feeding; shutter; expositional meter and expositional pair devices (exposition and diaphragm) devices; microprocessors; automation; electronics; LCD; memory card; flash-light; battery etc. Light-tight housing serves for fixing the camera mechanism and avoiding unauthorized light striking the sensitive material or matrices. The optical system projects the real image of the photographed pictured on the focal plane, where the light-sensitive film or matrix is located. In the optical system of all digital cameras for the reception of more contrast in pictures an infra-red filter is established behind an objective (before a matrix) which closes the matrix from an infra-red part of the spectrum. On LCD and optical view-finders borders of a shot and a place for shooting are selected. The optical view-finder shows that the frame borders are inaccurate. Usually in the documentation to the camera, the parity of a visible and real frame is indicated. The mechanical photographic shutter doses out light falling on a photosensitive layer of film (for film devices) or a photosensitive matrix (for mirror digital devices). The non-mirror digital chambers use a mechanical photographic shutter for prevention of light falling on the sensor after the termination of the endurance time so that there is no halation, blurring or smearing. The mechanical shutter has an electric drive and is driven by the processor. The basic characteristic of a mechanical shutter is the minimum endurance which it can provide. The shutter works for simple digital cameras in a range from 5-15 seconds to about 1/500 second. Endurance is less than about 1/500 second and is always fulfilled by an electronic equivalent of the shutter - (up to 1/4000 second and less). Digital video cameras and some (because of the price) special digital cameras have no mechanical shutter in which digital cameras without a mechanical shutter for providing the high speed capturing of the image (with a CCD-matrix with frame transfer of charging) are used. In this case, in the camera there is the second shaded "storing matrix" where the image, after the termination of exposition time, is located. Irrespective of availability or non-availability of the mechanical shutter, all digital cameras are equipped with an electronic equivalent of a shutter which is built into a sensor. The electronic shutter is a switch which includes a sensor for reception of a light stream and switches off at the command of the processor. The processor strobes the electronic shutter.