Animal Wigs
Contest Directions: Dog shaved like a lion set off a panic in Norfolk, Virginia. After several 911 calls from people seeing "a lion on the loose", Norfolk police called the Virginia Zoo to see if any of its lions were missing, then came to catch the lion only to find a Labrador-poodle dog whose owner groomed it to look like a small lion. "At close look, it seemed like a dog wearing a lion wig, nothing to be scared about", said a Norfolk police officer.
Photoshop animals with wigs (from human hair or from animal hair).
36 hi-res pictures
  • Gorilla's Night Out

  • Pretty Chimp

    Pretty Chimp
  • Why not ?

    Why not ?
  • Dog Hairdresser

    Dog Hairdresser
  • Dj Dog

    Dj Dog
  • Pretty In Pink

    Pretty In Pink
  • Naughtie..

  • Smill Sweetie

    Smill Sweetie
  • Kute Kitties

    Kute Kitties
  • Extensions

36 high resolution images
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