Animal Sports
Contest Directions: Thailand now entertains its tourists with a barbaric show - orangutan kick-boxing. The apes kickbox each other as a spectacle for tourists in a show lasting more than 30 minutes, before being returned to their dark cages. Other orangutans, dressed in bikinis, are trained as round card girls and bell ringers.
Photoshop animals in any sports. Here's a good example by Lyina.
23 pictures
  • Praying mantis Slam Dunk

    Praying mantis Slam Dunk
  • Ocean Animal Race

    Ocean Animal Race
  • Gorilla Football

    Gorilla Football
  • Anteater Volleyball

    Anteater Volleyball
  • Bunny Boxing

    Bunny Boxing
  • Orangutan Stunt on a Motorbike

    Orangutan Stunt on a Motorbike
  • Tiger Water Polo

    Tiger Water Polo
  • Duck Water Skiing

    Duck Water Skiing
  • Ostrich Race

    Ostrich Race
  • Dog Riding a Motorbike

    Dog Riding a Motorbike
  • Cat Fighting in Cage

    Cat Fighting in Cage
  • Elephant Playing Basketball

    Elephant Playing Basketball
  • Elephant Playing Darts

    Elephant Playing Darts
  • The Tortoise and the Hare Race

    The Tortoise and the Hare Race
  • Snail Chess

    Snail Chess
  • Polar Bear Boxing

    Polar Bear Boxing
  • Eagle Ski Jumper

    Eagle Ski Jumper
  • Hamster Pole Vault

    Hamster Pole Vault
  • Dog Surfing

    Dog Surfing
  • Monkey on a Bull

    Monkey on a Bull
  • Tigers Playing Soccer

    Tigers Playing Soccer
  • Canine Midget Tossing

    Canine Midget Tossing
  • Man Running From Hippos

    Man Running From Hippos
23 image entries
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