Animal Halloween Costumes

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  • Started: 10/26/2006 06:00
  • Ended: 10/28/2006 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 25
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $20
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $12
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $8
Animal Halloween Costumes
Contest Directions: A yearly Halloween pet costume contest was held this week in Florida. The contest was organized by Pet Nation store and selected the winners in nine different categories from 127 dressed pets.
This reminds me the Halloween pet costume contest we had last year in my neighborhood. My dog participated - she had no clothes on, but in her mouth carried a tape of her "going at it" with another dog - she came as Paris Hilton. The Best Halloween Pet Costume award, however went to the neighbors' dog - she puked out her food all evening and looked skinny as hell - she came as anorexic Nicole Richie. And what about my parrot, you ask? My parrot came as a firecracker, but didn't win any awards because nobody likes a farting parrot.
In this contest you are asked to dress up animals for Halloween. Any animals are allowed, not just pets. Halloween makeup on animals is a plus.

Contest Info

    • Started: 10/26/2006 06:00
    • Ended: 10/28/2006 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 25
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $20
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $12
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $8
25 pictures
  • Dog Wearing a Mask

    Dog Wearing a Mask
        • Look, you can bring me flowers and recite all the poetry you want, but if you hump my leg again, you're out the door!
        • great Caption chocho!

          Beautiful Cassanova Pooch! Great show.
        • The entry is superbly done and looks like a real artistic photo.
          Chocho's caption is golden!
        • Great great execution on thisone, i love it. So cute and realistic
        • nice job!!! face of the night...
          clean job!
  • Chimp Wearing a Michael Jackson Halloween Costume

    Chimp Wearing a Michael Jackson Halloween Costume
        • What the #!!!!!!
          You frigthened me!!!!
        • LOL - can't decide which face is scarier! MJ, I think.
        • Whew...that's a relief, it's only an angry,rabid, crack-additcted chimpanzee with sharp teeth, for a minute there I thought it was Michael Jackson.
  • Mariachi Meerkat

    Mariachi  Meerkat
        • Doesn't look much like a cat, but nice !
        • dey kol?

          Bravo muchacho! Ahora cántame "Allá en el Rancho Grande"
        • laughing my arse off at Skorpion's response...Orale
        • maybe more focus on shadow on head part or maybe all part. ( its only mine OP.).
  • Crocodile Pirate with a Parrot

    Crocodile Pirate with a Parrot
        • Great execution on this, i love how u stand the croc.
        • Impressive gator. Or is it crocodile? I always confuse them
        • a little bit more contrast and sharpness will outstand this entry. but still nice work.
        • Gator: Get the patch a bit closer closer Chomp!
        • Oh, this one seems to me great and wonderfully do it!!!
  • Meerkat in a Winnie the Pooh Costume

    Meerkat in a Winnie the Pooh Costume
  • Donkey Wearing a Clown Costume

    Donkey Wearing a Clown Costume
        • Does the clown costume make my a$$ look big?
        • cool and well done, i like how it show the theets
        • Kinda looks like our Mule, someone made a long trip to Muleshoe, Texas...But a job well done on that...
        • It´s a the best clown made in that donkey.
  • Freaking News Newt

    Freaking News Newt
  • Squirrel in a Pirate Costume

    Squirrel in a Pirate Costume
        • Very cool! Should soften the bag handles and bandana ties a bit.
        • well done, simple but very clean and well done
  • Dog Wearing a Pochahantas Costume

    Dog Wearing a Pochahantas Costume
        • "A HERSHEY bar? Don't you know chocolate is bad for dogs?!"
        • i dont know why left leg looks so long (as in the original) but i would chop it to make it more similar than the right one, sure this would help in the final look. Anyway v. v. nice work on the dress and hair
        • lot of workjob... but my only concern is your shadow.
        • Don't Pocahantus, or she'll bite ya back.
  • Emu Dressed as Dracula

    Emu Dressed as Dracula
  • Puppy Dressed as a Baby

    Puppy Dressed as a Baby
  • Flamingo Elvis Impersonator

    Flamingo Elvis Impersonator
        • Well since my birdie left me.
          So many nights I have starred.
          I stand on one leg & sing my songs.
          In old ladies' yards.
        • In the real living we can see men´s flamingoes.
  • Sherlock Holmes Daschund

    Sherlock Holmes Daschund
        • this is nice but it would look better without the len, it distgract me a bit and also how is the dog holding it. Anyway i just think it would look very clean without it. Nice chop
        • Clean as i imagine it! Tittle and idea are a great choice.
        • The dog biscuit was poisoned. Poor old chap.
  • Dog Dressed as a Ghost

    Dog Dressed as a Ghost
        • Very, very cool. I like the basket around his neck
        • I hope none of my bitches see me dressed like this.
  • Dog Dressed as Superman

    Dog Dressed as Superman
        • It's a bird!
          It's a plane!
          No, it's Super-Man's Best Friend!
  • Turtle Dressed as a Rabbit

    Turtle Dressed as a Rabbit
        • The Tortoise and the Hare !
          The Hare was coming up fast behind, the Tortoise braked...
        • "Waiter, there's a hare in my turtle soup."
        • funny, now it will run more fast , at least it will make a phychologinal effect. Nice what u did at it's back
        • Does this mean I won't get any Easter Eggs until January?
  • Dog Wearing a Football Gurnsey

    Dog Wearing a Football Gurnsey
  • Mouse Dressed as an Elephant

    Mouse Dressed as an Elephant
  • Cat Wearing a Jesus Costume

    Cat Wearing a Jesus Costume
        • Oh no....You are gonna make some x-tains mad like I did with my image titled "Cheese Cross"!
          Anyhoo...funny pic...Love the nail hole in the cat's paw!
        • Only a minority of christians crucify cats or watch bullfights
          Nice stigmate
        • just scale the hair a little more to fit...
        • if this died it will rise after 9 days. funny
        • Talk about having a come home to Jesus talk!
        • I always thought cats had a holier-than-thou attitude. Now I know why.
  • Bear in a Costume

    Bear in a Costume
        • i remember that bear on my SURFER MAMMOTH ENTRY

          nice idea but i miss some texture on the vest-shirt
        • If you dress like a pimp, expect to be arrested for PANDAring.
        • "Don't these chains look ... y against my bear skin?"
        • I pitty the fool that trys to steal my chains.
        • try to work a little more for the vest to look real. but nice job!
        • It's fun, but all your additions look kinds blurry - metal could use more contrast to look like metal, etc.
  • Cat Wearing an Indian Headdress

    Cat Wearing an Indian Headdress
        • "Your danged cat pee-pee'd in the tee-pee again!"
        • This is by far the best entry. The cat looks so regal & the tiny bit of makeup & the headdress won't bother the animal.
  • Lions in Kiss Makeup

    Lions in Kiss Makeup
        • Rock and roll all nite and party every day!

          V nice entry, nice tribute to Kiss
        • Detroit Lions
          Detroit Rock City.
          There's a joke there somewhere, but I can't seem to find it.
  • Dog Dressed as a Clown

    Dog Dressed as a Clown
  • Dog Dressed as Batman

    Dog Dressed as Batman
  • Batman & a Real Robin

    Batman & a Real Robin
        • I heard that the Joker trapped them by putting glue on the street and ran them over with a steamroller. They had to change their names to Flatman and Ribbon.
25 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: A pet store in Navarre, Florida, hosted its annual Pet Halloween Costume contest which drew more than 120 pets and their owners. Holly Elassaad, the store owner, described the contest as a great community event. The event has seen a 100% increase in participation from last years Halloween. This year, 127 companion animals took part in the event. There were nine separate categories in which the animals could compete before this year's Halloween. Winners of the event included a couple of dogs dresses like the Lone Ranger and Tonto, a hermit crab costumed like a pumpkin in a pumpkin patch, a chinchilla dressed like a cowboy and a ferret gowned up like a princess. The winners in each category -- the top three placers -- received a certificate and an assortment of pet supplies and products. From this year, American schoolboys are prohibited to celebrate Halloween. It is considered, that such a frivolous attitude to the Festival of Dead can offend modern-day witches. In fact, they would never abuse for trifles, for example, hurling eggs. Besides, Halloween is incompatible with school rules and regulations, which oblige pupils not to cause inconveniences to their elders and the preparation for the holidays - a waste of time. And moreover, each and every American family cannot afford to purchase costumes. Tips for the Halloween costumes: Main: Each guest, without exception, should be in a masquerade costume. Receive the guests at the entrance, dressed-up in mummy costume. The mummy costume is inexpensive. Simply wrap gauze and bandage, made from old bed sheets, from toe to head. Do not forget to leave openings for the mouth, nose and eyes! Domesticated animals are such animals are kept for one advantage or the other. Some provide materials, necessary for eating: milk, oil, cheese and in general dairy products, then after death - meat, fat, etc. Others provide material for clothes, shoes and in general for rural or industry. Some are reared for transportation of goods and performing different agricultural works. Sometimes, animals are kept just for pleasure, e.g., some birds; but birds are also kept because of their useful products (meat, feathers, fur etc.). House insects are also reared for useful products (bee), and others give the material for mills (silkworm). The characteristic feature of domestic animals is considered, except for the ones already specified, is their ability to change up to a known limit of the external form, as well as internal qualities. Thanks to this ability, for the last two centuries a lot of success has been achieved like, in agricultural, some animals have transformed beyond recognition. Much can be said about the artificial breeds of almost all the main domestic animals, developed, mainly, in England. The short horned cow, Leicester and Southdown sheep, English racer horse and carthorse and, at last, the Yorkshire and Berkshire breeds of pigs, all of them (named breeds) show, up to some extent, under the influence of man, the great flexibility of animals, which it holds. If we take some sample from the named breeds and put them near an un-improved one, then the results of the development of the animal will seem improbable. The English bull weighs 50 - 70 pounds. Our country sheep weighs 50 - 60 pounds, The Southdown sheep is fattened up to 400 - 600 pounds, besides it gives 10 - 15 pounds of fine long wool. English pigs in one year reach 10 - 12 pounds. To get such a weight in our pigs, they must be reared for 3 - 4 years. English racers and carthorses are spectacular; they are very popular the world-over. The merino sheep also represents a remarkable example of change in its skin depending upon the demand for different products, prepared from its wool. Sheep breeders have many times measured, in the last decades, the length, thickness, twists and other properties of the merino wool. These days, they try to create such breeds, which would differ by maximum productivity not only in one direction, but combine, e.g., in large horned cattle, milking to the ability for food, in sheep – production of good wool, meat, etc. The works of the Blackwell and Collins brothers have specified only the possibility to achieve desirable changes in domestic animals, but have not specified any limit where to stop. The Dutch cow brought to America, gives more milk, than in Holland.