Angels and Demons
Contest Directions: The Boston Globe said that the GOP major strategy these elections is to demonize Clinton, present her to Americans as the devil in human skin. Most Americans however believe that no angels are running for president in 2008.
Photoshop celebrities (also politicians, historical figures) as angels or demons / devils. Add halos, wings, feathers, or horns and tails, etc. The sky (heaven) or hell is the limit :)
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  • Scarlett Johansson Demon

    Scarlett Johansson Demon
  • Rudi Giuliani as the Devil

    Rudi Giuliani as the Devil
  • Angel Angelina Jolie

    Angel Angelina Jolie
  • Barack Obama The Demon

    Barack Obama The Demon
  • Demi Moore Demoness

    Demi Moore Demoness
  • Britney Spears the Devil`s Angel

    Britney Spears the Devil`s Angel
  • Rudy Giuliani The Dark Lord

    Rudy Giuliani The Dark Lord
  • Will Smith Demon

    Will Smith Demon
  • Hillary Clinton as the Devil

    Hillary Clinton as the Devil
  • Elton Jonh Devil

    Elton Jonh Devil
  • Michael Moore Devil

    Michael Moore Devil
  • Devil John Edwards

    Devil John Edwards
  • NFL Eagles Angel

    NFL Eagles Angel
  • Bill Clinton Demon

    Bill Clinton Demon
  • Al Gore Devil

    Al Gore Devil
  • Angel and Demon Olsen Twins

    Angel and Demon Olsen Twins
  • Devil and Angel

    Devil and Angel
  • Hillary Clinton Devil

    Hillary Clinton Devil
  • Tom Cruise Demon

    Tom Cruise Demon
  • Jack Nicholson Devil

    Jack Nicholson Devil
  • Dick Cheney Demon

    Dick Cheney Demon
  • Evil Hillary Clinton

    Evil Hillary Clinton
  • Evil Hillary

    Evil Hillary
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Demon (Greek: "Deity, spirit, higher self") - In ancient Greek mythology - is a super natural being, deity generally of inferior category, spirit, which can possess both positive and as well as negative qualities. In Christian tradition, demon is generally understood as a "Fallen angel", evil spirit. In science, a fictitious being with special abilities posing tough intellectual challenges, is called a "Demon". Examples are: Mazwell's demon, Laplace's demon & etc. Socrates named a certain voice, heard in his mind, with which he could converse, is a demon. Socrates did not deny the possibility that the conversion could be with self. Demons in cabbala: God mainly has seven archangels and they are called incarnations of God: Arariel- God of waters; Gabriel - Master of God; Simiel - Lord of air and angel of other world court; Michael - Field commander of Army of God & Chief Prince; Sachiel- God of Justice; Raphael - Healer; Kushiel - Punishing angel Devil also has seven forms: Samael - accuser, seducer & destroyer; Angel of deaths; Beelzebub - lord of darkness and demons; Python - Spirit of prophecy; Belial - Spirit of treachery; Asmodai - Destroyer Lucifer - Light bearer Satan - Opposing the God

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  • Started: 11/15/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 11/17/2007 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 23
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