Ancient Egypt
Contest Directions: Show the evidence that people in ancient Egypt may have used many modern day devices.
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  • KingTut

  • Pyramid

  • computer

  • Hieroglyphics

  • 3 Kings

    3 Kings
  • Isis Rises

    Isis Rises
  • Tomb Objects

    Tomb Objects
  • Robot Dog

    Robot Dog
  • Mummy

  • King Tut Phone

    King Tut Phone
16 high resolution images
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This contest is fueled by the following news: A necropolis that is estimated to be 5,000 years old has been unearthed by archeologists. Within the necropolis was found twenty tombs that were all well preserved. The necropolis was discovered in a poor neighborhood of Cairo. Egyptian authorities announced the incredible discovery on Sunday. The site is in a suburb of Helwan. It is a mixture of smaller, plain tombs and well as larger ones with alabaster, clay, limestone and copper pots and pans for wealthier people. There is also a limestone relief that uses early hieroglyphic texts. An Australian team of archeologists found the necropolis. The team is lead by Christian Kohler.
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