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  • Jugs Made From Ammo

    Jugs Made From Ammo
  • Bullet Suppositories

    Bullet Suppositories
  • Crocodile with Bullet Teeth

    Crocodile with Bullet Teeth
  • Giant Bird Attack

    Giant Bird Attack
  • Ammo Organ

    Ammo Organ
  • City of Weapons

    City of Weapons
  • Yoshi`s Shooting Bowzer

    Yoshi`s Shooting Bowzer
  • Ammo Lipstick

    Ammo  Lipstick
  • Jug

  • Candy Bullets

    Candy Bullets
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This contest is fueled by the following news: The ammo cartridge (Unitary cartridge) is the ammunition of the rifle weapon and small sized guns (up to 75 mm), loaded at one time (Latin - unitas - meaning unity). The unitary ammo cartridge can be an artillery shot or a cartridge containing a projectile (bullet, case shot or non-integral charge), powder charge, igniting element (capsule – igniter) and sometimes additional elements, which are connected in to one using a bush sleeve. The artillery ammo cartridge is the artillery shot of 20-75mm in size. The same shot above 75 mm is called an artillery shot of unitary load. The unitary ammo cartridges are exclusively used in modern loading firearms. The artillery shot also can be unitary. Classification of ammo cartridges As per the purpose, ammo cartridges are classified to combat, hunting, sports, for service weapons, gas, traumatic idle, cartridges for gunpowder tools etc. As per the weapon being used are classified to rifles, intermediate, pistols, traumatic, ammo cartridges for gunpowder tool etc. The standard designation of modern ammunition used in rifle weapons consists of two numbers, first of which designates the distance between the opposite fields of the barrel cuts (size of the weapon) in mm, second two – the length of the bush sleeve in mm, for example 7.62х63mm. Such designation reflects that the modern loading weapon is manufactured for a specific ammo cartridge and not the other way. Combat ammo cartridges The basic group of ammo cartridges are the ones meant for defeating live forces and slightly armored technology while firing from rifles, machine guns, pistols, submachine guns and other weapons. Basically these are ammo cartridges of central battle, i.e. they have a capsule-igniter as an independent unit located in the center of the bush-sleeve face. Bullets of different actions (common, Armour-piercer, igniting etc.) are used in combat ammo cartridges, but they all have casing made of hard metal and usually a hard-core. Riffle ammo cartridges So called riffle ammo cartridges with sizes 7.62×53R, 12.7×108 are generally used for firing from machine guns. Special sniper ammo cartridges having high accuracy with sizes 7.62×53R are used for firing from sniper riffles. Sniper ammo cartridges with sizes 9.3 and 12.7mm have come in to action in the 1990s. All riffle ammo cartridges have high capacity and defeating ability at big distances – hundreds of meters and above a kilometer (for special ammunitions 12.7 mm and .338 Lapua Magnum). Pistol ammo cartridges are used in closer fights, the efficient firing range is up to 100 meters. In Russia, the most popular ammo cartridge is 9×18 for the Makarov pistol and in the West and Europe - 9×19 Parabellum with different types of bullets (amour-piercing, tracing). The ammo cartridge with low energy 9×17 Kurz (.380 Auto/9mm Browning Kurz) is popular in private security structures. Machinegun ammo cartridges Initially riffle ammo cartridges are used in machine guns. Special powerful ammo cartridges with big (generally more than 12 mm) sizes are used for big sized machine guns. Hunting ammo cartridges All hunting ammo cartridges are used for firing from a long barrel rifle or smooth barrel weapons. Only the ammo cartridge .22LR may be used for firing from small sized pistols. Ammo cartridges for smooth barrel weapons The have a cylindrical sleeve bush made of brass, paper or plastic, and a capsule of central fight. Special bullets, fraction or case shots are used as the defeating element. Generally these elements are without casing and are manufactured from lead. Some bullets for the smooth barrel weapon are capable of stabilizing during flight. Fraction and case shots have low efficiency in a firing range, normally not more than 50-100 meters. Idle ammo cartridges do not have a defeating element, the end of the barrel for them is made in a curling form (clamped with a star) for preventing the pouring out of gun powder or in the case of necessity, retaining the length for correct operation of the submachine gun, the bullet is replaced with a dimensional dummy made of easily destructible material. Gas ammo cartridges are used for self-defense while firing from gas pistols or revolvers. The purpose of gas ammo cartridges is the firing of a crystal active material to a distance of up to 3m. Gas ammo cartridges are loaded with crystal gunpowder (crystal active material) О-idenmalon-nitril-benzyl-chloride (CS) or acetophenone chloride (CN). That’s why, the bottom of the barrel apart from the marking of size designation has the manufacturing firm (SM, HS, Geco, Wadie, Sax, RWS), and also the active material being used (CS) or (СN). Traumatic ammo cartridges: These are the ammo cartridges in which a special lead bullet is used as a defeating material, and a traumatic, generally rubber bullet. Sometimes rubber bullets with a steel core are used for increasing the flight range and increasing the traumatic effect. At present in Russia, there are 2 systems of traumatic ammunition – with electric ignition and classical impact ignition. Ammo cartridges with electric ignition are used in systems of fire barrel free weapons and have a high mass due to the steel core. Ammo cartridges with classical impact ignition are classified into single and double bulleted. The bullets are made of a rubber ball without a core which has a small weight. The action of the bullets of different types is different.

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