America Remembers Islamic Jihad
America Remembers Islamic Jihad
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      • Good colours and precise art work... Americans do like "acion packed" stories. But is the suggested dive-bomb attack on the Kaaba not just as obnoxious as T.Jones's proposed scheme.
      • The question is, is there balance, detante. We did not retaliate against Islam and leave the Islamic nations as a a smoking nuclear pit for the crimes of a few. Yet we could have. This chop is nothing more than food for thought, perhaps a plea to moderate Muslims to get your house in order, reel in your wingnuts, or this is what may come to pass. I have long prayed that the criminals actions of 9-11 had not signed the extinction notice for the people of the middle east. I understand the two faces of Islam and understand that the rest of the world cannot coexist, will not tolerate domination by Islam or any other religion, not anymore, whether it be Catholosism, Taoism, Judiasm, Islam or whatever. Some of us are past that.We have merged into the age of true modern man, not the dark ages. Americans live with the threat of such an attack as illustrated every day of our lives. It is only fitting that our attackers feel the same. Preferably, we sit down and joke and talk. drink and eat, and fish and play, but if it must be fear, then let it be total until the all parties realize the folly of it. You asked, there you go
      • Decent work, reminding us that wars should never be the answer
      • I concurr. It was Gandhi who said that if you would apply the law "eye for an eye" we'd soon all end up blind. Cheers.
      • Congratulations. I am, still, waiting for that one good Muslim to turn-in O.B.Laden before this scenario happens. I feel I have a long wait coming...
      • Great work's fav in this contest
      • Cheers, here's to peaceful coexistance
      • n wt u knw abt Muslims, n i'm tellin yr not man enof, keep draw
      • Not much, other than I know what they smell like when jet fuel doesn't fully cook them. Funny thing, they smell just like they created death.
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