Alien Paintings

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  • Started: 4/9/2008 06:00
  • Ended: 4/11/2008 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 47
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
Alien Paintings
Contest Directions: The United Nations named 2009 as the International Year of Astronomy and called for its member countries to disclose the secret documents on UFO & ET sightseeings. So far, France is the only country that publicly opened its files on UFOs and E.T. (in 2007).
In this contest our mission is to prove that alien sightseeings happened through all the history of mankind by including aliens in the famous (and not so famous) paintings, sketches and frescos. You can either add new alien figures in paintings, or turn the existing figures into aliens (alien Mona Lisa, etc.). Take a look at one good example.

Contest Info

    • Started: 4/9/2008 06:00
    • Ended: 4/11/2008 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 47
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
47 pictures
  • Mother Holding Alien Baby

    Mother Holding Alien Baby
        • Nice idea but I see a problem with alien's face shadows and face looks quite big
        • The alien comes from a British sci fi series called Dr. Who and is the right size.
        • Congratulations on the gold, Luna, and great to see you entering again!
        • Congrats LunaC! Excellent job.. well deserved..
        • Congrats on a great win LunaC! great to see you around again.
        • wow, a lovely child. it is really a creative works!
  • Alien Caballero Bug

    Alien Caballero Bug
        • Congratulations on the silver, Mundo, quality work!
        • Wow Mundo!!! You are kickin some major behind lately. Six winning entries showing on the homepage at this very moment. Reminds me of AZRainman about this time last year.

          Great entries.
        • Great work mundo. congrats on the silver
  • Alien Mona Lisa

    Alien Mona Lisa
        • I really like HR Giger's work, nice job.
        • I like how you kept the hands subtle in color and contrast.
        • Excellent work! Would've been good to see the source pics.
        • Artistic quality work. Glad to see it placed in the top 3. Congratulations on the bronze, Laff!
        • Thanks guys.. enjoyed this challenge - lots of possibilities and not enough time...LOL.
        • Laff--I really like this entry a lot. The green duotone effect really fits. And I especially like what you did with the hands.
          Beautiful work.
        • great job darling. congrats on your bronze.
        • Thankyou so much LunaC.. admire your work too!
          Must admit the fingers were a bit of a challenge.. got lost in the finicky bits! Sometimes enough is enough huh!
          KB.. bless you for the congrats.. you saucy wotsit!
  • The Mona Lisa from Space

    The Mona Lisa from Space
        • More like a 'Martian Lisa'
          Have a quick check of the area where the skin of the upper torso meets the dress. It appears to be overlapping the fabric in this area. Try adding a little canvas effect to the altered areas to tie it in better with the brush strokes of the original.
  • Alien Painting

    Alien Painting
        • Excellent blending but the texture of this painting is grainy somehow
  • Alien Painting by Raphael

    Alien Painting by Raphael
  • Alien Human Hybrid

    Alien Human Hybrid
        • black boob left side? clone hair or top of dress?
        • Unsure what this black part is, but it's a smooth work overall.
  • Pretty Alien Painting

    Pretty Alien Painting
  • Alien Reading

    Alien Reading
  • Alien Divorce

    Alien Divorce
  • Bohemian Alien

    Bohemian Alien
        • I like it, but the alien needs to be blurred a bit to fit with the rest of the pic, in my opinion.
  • Crop Circle in Old Painting

    Crop Circle in Old Painting
        • One of the most creative ones entries in the contest. I can almost hear the ufo flying looking at this image
  • Alien On a Bed

    Alien On a Bed
        • "i don't know nuthin about birthin no babies!"
        • Good job here, but it looks like the alien is decaying a bit
  • American Gothic Aliens

    American Gothic Aliens
        • Tired of life on earth so swapped with aliens
  • Alien Coming Out of a Mirror

    Alien Coming Out of a Mirror
  • Alien Scream Painting

    Alien Scream Painting
  • Caravaggio Alien

    Caravaggio Alien
  • Van Eyck Alien

    Van Eyck Alien
  • Alien Women Picking Flowers

    Alien Women Picking Flowers
  • Alien Vulture People

    Alien Vulture People
        • not a bad looking fellow reminds me of Howard stern..laughing my arse off
  • Alien Monk

    Alien Monk
        • I my opinion the clothing should be brighter or the face toned down, but I like it.
  • Alien Art

    Alien Art
  • Alien Baby Meeting the Grandparents

    Alien Baby Meeting the Grandparents
  • Alien Cat in Old Painting

    Alien Cat in Old Painting
  • Anatomy Lesson of Aliens

    Anatomy Lesson of Aliens
        • This is a GREAT concept. Only critique is that the color and saturation of the aliens could be adjusted to match the rest of the painting a little better.
        • I agree. If the heads color pattern would match this entry could even win the contest.
  • Alien Painted by Leonardo Da Vinci

    Alien Painted by Leonardo Da Vinci
  • Little Alien - 1889

    Little Alien - 1889
  • The New Alien King

    The New Alien King
  • St. Martin & the Alien

    St. Martin & the Alien
  • Mother and Alien Child Painting

    Mother and Alien Child Painting
  • Little Girl with a Pet Alien

    Little Girl with a Pet Alien
        • Nice, almost like fantasy art. Good source pic. (but on the shelf behind her arm, what's that?)
        • Looks like another tiny alien in the background. Love the UFO
  • Alien Globe

    Alien Globe
  • Cleopatra the Alien

    Cleopatra the Alien
  • Alien Discovery

    Alien Discovery
  • Alien Spaceship in Starry Night Painting

    Alien Spaceship in Starry Night Painting
        • It is a good idea but the addition of the flying saucer is a bit too linear to fit in with the freestyle brush strokes of the original canvas. Use the flying saucer as a template to apply a similar brush stroke. Also, try and use larger source images for all your future entries so that you can really show off your skills.
  • Early Alien Inbreeding

    Early Alien Inbreeding
  • American Gothic Alien

    American Gothic Alien
  • E.T. Sphinx

    E.T. Sphinx
  • George Bush Alien

    George Bush Alien
  • Alien with a Red Turban

    Alien with a Red Turban
  • Little Green Man

    Little Green Man
  • Alien Fishing

    Alien Fishing
  • Knossos Alien Fresco

    Knossos Alien Fresco
  • Alien Cave Art

    Alien Cave Art
  • Alien George Bush

    Alien George Bush
        • He is an alien, what is natural for an alien?
  • Alien Mona Lisa

    Alien Mona Lisa
  • The Real George Bush and Friends

    The Real George Bush and Friends
47 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: The question about the existence of other civilizations excited scientists since time immemorial, and already for several decades the astronomers have been trying to contact aliens or, at least, catch their signals. Researchers look out for their traces in radio and optical telescopes, send expeditions into space and send messages to distant galaxies. However we have not been able to ascertain yet that we are not the only ones in the Universe. Experts think the main problem with the inhabitants of this earth is that they do not know what they want to look for. "On our radio telescope a lot of signals are received, which cannot be explained yet. It is not excluded, that their source is the manifestation of other civilizations", - said an employee of the Special Astrophysical Observatory. It is difficult to argue with this statement. Also the age of Universe is 15 billion years old; the Solar system came into existence only 4.5 - 5 billion years ago. Since the origin of the Universe until the appearance of our system, for billions of years a reasonable number of civilizations could have originated which can be much more senior that ours. And consequently, possess more developed technologies, which we would not be able to understand yet. Some inexplicable phenomena which are observed in space can be the handiwork of mysterious aliens. For example, the so-called ROKOS. These 80 objects known by the scientist in sizes comparable with the stars but have one feature which confuses the scientists and makes them think that they have an artificial origin. In fact, the ROKOS don't have the lines of absorption or the distinctive properties of various types of atoms of the chemical substances, which are peculiar to all the other stars. This fact has made researchers consider an apparent fantastic idea, that these objects are nothing else, like lighthouses, established by ancient advanced explorers of space for their own needs or for attracting the attention of adventurers from other civilizations. There are a lot of reasons to seriously relate the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations evident by the Solar system which, according to some hypotheses, itself was subjected to the influence of aliens. The abnormal structure of our system, which cannot be explained till now, compels the researchers to assume, that it could have been created artificially. A couple of decades ago, only those scientists could have "blamed" extraterrestrial civilizations for intervention in the structure of the Solar system who did not care about their reputation. But you cannot argue with the facts says the employee Sergey Yazev. The head of the department in the planetary physics laboratory of the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences Leonid Ksanfomaliti also has the same point of view. "All the known planet systems have structures based upon the principle: the largest planet is located closest to its sun, - he explains the words of his colleague. In our system, small Mercury "revolves" around the sun closest to it. Scientists consider the natural formation of huge Jupiter in a faraway orbit to be improbable. We find such discrepancies to general standards almost at every step." Let us take the sizes of the Sun and the Moon which "are picked" so wonderfully, that during full eclipses, the lunar disk ideally covers the star, leaving only the corona. The simplicity of calculating the distance between the Earth and the Sun is also very interesting. The shape of orbits in which the planets of Solar system revolve also raises the questions, if all the planets found in the space revolve around the stars in an ellipse, then ours revolve almost ideally in circle. Till now these and other more complex phenomena remain inexplicable. Mankind can come closer to their understanding only by the invention of more powerful telescopes and spacecrafts, which are capable of going beyond the limits of our system. At this stage, the hypothesis about artificial intervention remains the most suitable one. However, no one is ready to confirm the purposeful creation of the Sun, the Earth and other planets by aliens. Probably, all these anomalies are only the incomprehensible incidental activities of our neighbors in the Universe.