Alice Cooper
Contest Directions: American rock singer Alice Cooper celebrates his 60th birthday today. Cooper's career spans for more than five decades. His extravagant theatrical stage performances and songs became known as "shock rock". In one of the interviews he said, - "we created shock rock to get away from politics".
To mark the 60th birthday of Alice Cooper photoshop him anyway you wish. Some examples are - Alice in paintings and movies, what alternative career Cooper might have chosen, merging Alice Cooper with other celebrities or animals, etc.
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  • Alice Cooper Portrait

    Alice Cooper Portrait
  • Alice Cooper for President

    Alice Cooper for President
  • Alice Cooper as Elvis

    Alice Cooper as Elvis
  • Alice Cooper in Women`s Clothes

    Alice Cooper in Women`s Clothes
  • Mini Alice Cooper

    Mini Alice Cooper
  • Alice Cooper in Drag

    Alice Cooper in Drag
  • Alice Cooper with Flames

    Alice Cooper with Flames
  • Bodybuilder Alice Cooper

    Bodybuilder Alice Cooper
  • Priest Alice Cooper

    Priest Alice Cooper
  • Zombie Alice Cooper

    Zombie Alice Cooper
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Alice Cooper, (Vincent Damon Furnier, born on February, 4 1948) is an American rock-singer, musician, vocalist and songwriter. He has been creatively active for the last four decades. Alice Cooper gained worldwide popularity in 1972 thanks to the hit song “School's Out”. Alice Cooper has had a huge impact on the formation of style and the external attributes of heavy metal and rock music in the 1970s. Alice Cooper's effective concert performances under heavy rock music go with the theatrical adaptation for stage. Sometimes, his style of his concert shows and music is called shock rock. Having excited people from the 1970s with his shocking Rock 'n Roll, already Alice Cooper for thirty years proudly bears the title the “Father of shock – rock ". He received this title for the adrenaline attacking method, developed by him, for the audience: aggressive hard rock plus scandalous scenic shows. The technique got accustomed to. He also found many admirers and continuers, including the very talented KISS. Ozzy Osbourne and Marilyn Manson are also worth mentioning. Alice Cooper was one of the most resolute crackers of taboo and infringers of rock - traditions. He was not only the first to have transformed ROCK 'n ROLL into theater, he made rules in show business, dictated music fashion, laid new roads for teenage revolt and along the way, created a whole sound record library of classical rock – recordings, painted by melancholic black humor or piercing satire. Alice Cooper (true name: Vincent Damon Furnier) was born on February, 4, 1948 in Detroit, Michigan, into a family of a priest. He started attending school in Phoenix, Arizona, where the Furnier family relocated. The first songs were written in Phoenix and the first group of like-minded people, calling them the “Earwings” was formed here in the beginning of the 1960s. The laurels of Beatles and Rolling Stones disturbed the young devotee of rock’n’roll and his minimum task was to be as popular as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Changing the participants, the group was renamed the “Spiders” and then “Nazz”, but all the time, the musicians continued to perform in local clubs and on dance floors and to write singles, which received some sort of publicity in the city and its vicinities. At once, their popularity got a scandalous character. The local press named the Spiders the worst group in the city for the exclusive club performances which resulted in a mass stampede of the audience. In the autumn of 2003, the musician prepared the 25th studio album in his discography "Eyes of Alice Cooper ". The composition "Detroit City" with Wayne Kramera's faultless guitar (Wayne Kramer; MC5) became the best model of Alice Cooper’s rock. All the 13 songs were written by Alice in co-authorship with guitar players and back-vocalists Ryan Roxie and Eric Dover. The musician, who for thirty years is the unchanged favorite of each new generation of rock- fans, certainly, widely uses his stylish formula, already many times justified. But does it each time with such inspiration and enthusiasm, that it is difficult not to agree with his self-confident phrase in one recent interview: “Tell everybody that even today, Alice feels vigorous as never! ".

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