A White Only Swimming Pool
A White Only Swimming Pool
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      • Full view looks better... This story has made headlines a little bit earlier in the USA than internationally, and that's why I post this picture only this week.
      • Ross Well This seems to be more of a 'senior citizens vs those darned kids' case than racism. You can't blame them really, if I paid big bucks for a private swimming pool I think I would be upset when 65 kids showed up no matter what their race was. Granted, the old timers in PA are still a little narrow minded. But allegedly these kids came in there raising Cain and basically frightening the old people. Also if you watch the kids statements about the white people complaining about them being black, they are showing obvious signs of deception in their facial expressions and body movements. Also the pool could have been shut down by the Department of Safety had they been caught with almost 100 guests and only 2 lifeguards on duty. This was just another example of bad management leading to playing the race card. Seriously, we have a black President, the race card has to go. Should black people just yell "racism" every time something doesn't go their way. I'm one quarter Cherokee, the white man murdered many of my ancestors and I don't get a card to sue the local pool with when I act a fool and get kicked out. "It's because I am one quarter Cherokee. I know it, those racists. Now give me some money."
      • I won't enter in this debate Jerry, as many others already argued a lot on whether or not it was a case of racism (here, for instance). But it is certain that the people working for this swim club seriously f...ed up big time regardless of their real motives...
      • when you posted this chop, you entered this debate. but seriously, I agree, bad management. whoever booked these kids should be fired and I suppose the camp should be reimbursed for wasting their time and gas, but they could have just left it at that. If it had been 65 white kids, it would have been the same issue. You are going to have idiot racist people everywhere but you can't persecute an entire club over remarks by one or two old white bitties. and if you have ever been at a pool when a school group shows up, white, brown or black, it's pretty much over for everyone else. and you would think that the camp would have better sense than to take 65 inner city kids to a private pool all at the same time. whoever planned that on the camps side should be fired as well. however the term "complexion" being used was also dumb. even though it can mean "attitude" or "character" it can also mean "skin color" so yeah that was dumb. but then again they are a private club and can discriminate against anyone they want. that's the American way. great chop by the way. love Obamas gut.
      • My chop was meant to be a caricature about this event, but others can better than me tell how accurate are the accusations of racism in this case and that's why I personally don't want to argue any more on this point. I've already read about the various "complexion" meanings, but it's a little bit like the swastika which is now mainly associated with nazism in the western world (and you were the one - if I am not mistaken - who explained this to another chopper in the UFO contest): using this word (complexion) was dumb and the club's representatives should have known better if they did not want to provoke this controversy... I don't think it was the case here, but some people (it is the specialty of several politicians in my own country) use controversial words and "double-entendre" deliberately. Don't worry though, I don't make (as an individual) any generalization nor accuse anybody (globally or in particular) of racism: I just made a caricature about one event that may or may not be an accurate case of discrimination and that was presented as it in the news... And by the way, thank you for your kind comment about my picture, Jerry.
      • Racism and sectarianism are alive and well, and continue to thrive in... the US, Europe, China, Keyna, Botswana, etc. etc. etc. Fortunately, FN is here to allow us to poke fun (Chaplin's favourite tool) at this and other sad human traits. Thanks for your chop on this subject.
      • My only stance about racism is that it occurs on both sides of the fence... and not necessarily just in the South. If this had happened in Alabama, for example, the media coverage would have been Michael Jackson size. This was blown up out of porportion but I wasn't there as events were initiated. As you, just an observer from afar. I personally found the Klan factor in your creation to be out of porportion as well, but that is my personal take on the situation. To me Klan = hate crime.
      • It's a satire, therefore, I used exaggerated traits and strong symbolism in this caricature. It's certainly not a "fair and balanced" representation of the event. My first intention was to make a more humoristic picture featuring an alien (the young Ross Well) and also the ghost of Michael Jackson and to add a few dialogs between perplexed KKK guys wondering whether or not those two people were white enough to be admitted in the club. I just would like that everybody here understands that my picture is just a satire and that you all eventually rate it considering its intrinsic value and not because of the political message that you may believe it contains. With all due respect, I hope that I don't ask too much here, but in the end, it's really just my fault if there is a misunderstanding: I guess that I should not have posted on such a controversial topic... at least, if I really wanted to figure well in the final rankings of this contest. By the way, nobody so far commented on my colorization work on the biggest KKK guy. It's my first attempt of this kind and I hope you like it (and appreciate the humor and irony of this colorization too.)
      • He looks a little bit turnip-y - too much red tone. I admire you trying your hand at colorization, though. It is not as easy as it would appear to be to do. I lived in the South during the 1960's and beyond. The small city where I lived in in Louisiana had one pool. In order to get into that pool you had to belong to 'the club.' It was their way of 100% guaranteeing no blacks got into it. Racist. You betcha. Just like separate water fountains. Back then there was a doctor's office my mom would take me to. I will always remember there were two separate waiting rooms. We always went to the left one - the right one was for the blacks. Racist. You betcha. In Alabama in the 1960's my parents drove through a city where there was a Klan rally going on. We had to drive very very slowly through them. Scary as New Jersey even though we were not black. I will always remember them looking into our car.
      • Thank you for your comments about my previous colorization attempt, Doxieone. It should be better now on the updated entry.
      • I like the chop overall, the colorization, the parody and the dreamy feel you gave it. I also like when members submit chops that raise questions and use news sources that are controversial. Here in West Virginia racism is also alive and well. You guys may have read the story a few years ago about a black girl being kidnapped and tortured for a week. This was right up the road from me. I wasn't raised that way though, I have black cousins. It's weird, I have black neighbors on one side and... well the neighbor on the other side has a dog named Hitler, you do the math. Life is strange here on the Mason Dixon line.
      • I am very certain racisim played a factor in the death of my friend, Walt, plus it was a hate crime against the elderly. This article shows his photo and the mother/son duo who killed him. Hidden: Yes, the tones look better now.
      • Thank you for your comments, guys and gals. In particular, comments about the picture itself were much appreciated...
      • Colorizing can be tough with photoshop. You can get there a bit easier using a mini photoshop program called ARCSoft Photoimpression. In that program you lighten everything and convert to red and black.Then mask and pull all the element slotted for different color assignments. Then individually use the hue/saturation control to adjust from red to the color of choice. From there you brush in shadow and highlight color/values as desired. Then pull up the contrast and darken back to harmonious value and presto.There are other ways of getting there but when I have to get it done quick, that is the way I go. Amazing the chat this chop generated. Kudos
      • Thanks for the tips, Hitspinner, and thank you all again for your comments, kind words and constructive critics.
      • I work with the public and believe me i've seen " racisim " from all sides. Why can't everyone get off the race kick and understand we're all the same.If everyone was one race i'm sure this kind of crap would still go on.Gosh. you can't voice your opinion when folks do wrong because then your racist.All the different races cause trouble and we need to get off the race kick.We bleed the same color.
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