2011 Year of the Rabbit
Contest Directions: The Year of 2011 is the Year of the Rabbit. According to Chinese astrology, this will be a lucky year for those who, in their manners or behavior, resemble that animal. So, remember to carry a couple of carrots in your pockets for good luck. Making love like rabbits should also bring lots of luck in 2011.
To welcome the upcoming Year of the Rabbit, photoshop rabbits any way you wish. Some examples are - merge rabbits with people and other animals, put rabbits into world events, movies and paintings, etc.
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  • The Seductive Bunny

    The Seductive  Bunny
  • Sexy Bunny Honey

    Sexy Bunny Honey
  • Barack Obama Rabbit

    Barack Obama Rabbit
  • Heavy Metal Rabbit

    Heavy Metal Rabbit
  • Avatar Rabbit

    Avatar Rabbit
  • Bunny Knight With a Carrot

    Bunny Knight With a Carrot
  • Rabbit Robot

    Rabbit Robot
  • Barack Obama Playboy Bunny

    Barack Obama Playboy Bunny
  • Barack Obama in Donnie Darko 2011

    Barack Obama in Donnie Darko 2011
  • Rabbit Kangaroo and Baby

    Rabbit Kangaroo and Baby
  • Wolf Dressed as a Rabbit

    Wolf Dressed as a Rabbit
  • Rabbit Pulling a Man Out of a Hat

    Rabbit Pulling a Man Out of a Hat
  • Michelle Obama Playboy Bunny Girl of 2011

    Michelle Obama Playboy Bunny Girl of 2011
  • Playboy Bunny

    Playboy Bunny
  • Giant Rabbit After Dick Cheney

    Giant Rabbit After Dick Cheney
  • Fatal Attraction 2011 - Rabbit Boils Glen Close

    Fatal Attraction 2011 - Rabbit Boils Glen Close
  • Rabbit for President

    Rabbit for President
  • The Protector Rabbit

    The Protector Rabbit
  • Playboy Rabbit

    Playboy Rabbit
  • Cat Rabbit

    Cat Rabbit
  • Rabbits Having an Easter Egg Hunt

    Rabbits Having an Easter Egg Hunt
  • Smiling Rabbit

    Smiling Rabbit
  • Angry Rabbit

    Angry Rabbit
  • Bugs Bunny Waiting for the Ball to Drop

    Bugs Bunny Waiting for the Ball to Drop
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This contest is fueled by the following news: 2010 is coming to an end and we are entering into the New Year. According to Chinese calendar, 2011 will be the year of white Rabbit. With every day, year of the Tiger will be making way for the year of Rabbit in our lives. 2011, the year of Rabbit, is starting in its own right bringing its snowy fairytales for us, where we can fill our daily affairs with fantasies by letting the beautiful tale into our lives. Warm and soft paws of rabbit are going to comfort us throughout the year. So what more can we expect from this New Year 2011? According to the Chinese calendar, this year is going to be calmer than the previous year of the Tiger. The year of rabbit will not witness any dramatic events and terrible accidents. Finally, the time has come for us to make our lives quite, contemplate, meditate and prepare for a better future. Year of the Rabbit is considered to be good for social meetings, gatherings, recreation and communication. So far as businesses are concerned this year will be very successful for bargaining, negotiating, or communicating and will surely bear fruits. During the year of White Rabbit, make sure that you don’t try very hard to push through the matters so as to attain your goals, but it would be better to act gently and diplomatically. Moreover, as per Chinese horoscope people from the fields of art, science, talented and intellectuals will make the most from the year of the Rabbit. It is a very good year to spend time with your family as white rabbit is a domestic anima, and it also represents fertility. Visits with your family and friends, and spending of time, which strengthen the bonds of relationships will have a great and pleasant experience for whole of the year. Marriage during 2011 is going to ensure a very happy and long lasting married life for those couples who want to tie the knot this year. You can look forward to romantic relationships, loyalty and love. Children born during this year will be a little shy, but they will be blessed with many talents, and will be happy, friendly and independent. Also 2011 is a good year to bring home pets (in fact patron of this year - Rabbit is the one most of the people want to have as a pet). Ancient Chinese calendar is based on the occurrence of three periods of addressing the celestial bodies: Earth and Jupiter around the Sun, and Moon around the Earth. And it results in so called twelve year animal calendar system, in which each year of the cycle is assigned the name of a particular animal. Five such cycles constitute sixty year chronology cycle. Characteristics, pertaining to the Year of the Rabbit Chinese name for Rabbit: Tu It is fourth sign in Chinese Zodiac system Element: Metal in 2011 Color: White in 2011 Polarity: Negative This year brings with it the comfort, diplomacy, hospitality and warmth. Positive qualities: intelligent, observant, developed, calm, friendly, romantic and loyal to those it loves. Negative qualities: restless, timid, pedantic and too busy with its own matters. Recommendations for selecting the profession: You can become a great diplomat, teacher, actor or a priest, as well as a very imposing manager in any business. What the Rabbit, symbol of the year 2011, will bring to the people? Rabbit is extremely shy, but, despite its shyness, it is very hospitable, values home comfort and beauty. Therefore during the year of the Rabbit, try to invite your friends and you also visit them more frequently. Rabbit is diplomatic in nature, so do not try to prove yourself as a parvenu in 2011. It would be better if try to earn the respect of the Rabbit, this will please it. Other positive qualities of Rabbit include irrepressible romance and devotion. Therefore, marriages during this year promise to be long-lasting and successful. Besides, eastern horoscopes also tell that Rabbit is very intelligent, and is developed in many fields. In 2011, it will patronize all those, who are related to science, and the professionals that love their work. But it must also be remembered that it is not only the positive qualities that are inherent to rabbits. For example, it is fearful. Therefore many people, especially those born in the year of the Rabbit, may find it very difficult to take crucial decisions during this year. In addition, the rabbit is too pedantic; it does not tolerate any disorder in things, deeds, and thoughts. Particularly this year will be very good and successful for those that are from the field of diplomatic services. Also, it concerns priests, professors, creative people as Rabbit is considered to protect them the most. Rabbit is a domestic family, a symbol of fertility, posterity and tranquility. After 2010, the year of ever-active Tiger, the time has now come for a more relaxed life. Year of the Rabbit is for talented artists and intelligent people. Generally, people with Rabbit as their zodiac sign, are respected in the society for their trust and people often address to them for advice and consultation.

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