Elephant Training
24 entries - contest ended 4/15/2014

This Thursday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Elephants are one of the smartest mammal kinds. They are easily trained and thus were used by humans since ancient times - for transportation, in battles, and for various entertaining activities and public events. In ancient India any white/albino elephant automatically became the property of the king and was considered a sacred animal.
Photoshop this photo of elephant training any way you wish. Some examples are - show what creative things this elephant is capable of, put him in some unexpected environment, etc. (Image credit: Venson Kuchipudi)

News in Pictures, April 7 - 13
13 entries - contest ended 4/14/2014

Create images of something that happened in the news during April 7 - 13, 2014.
The submission span for this weekly "News in pictures" contest are open for the whole 7 days - Monday through Sunday, followed by a day for voting (next Monday). Now you can chop and submit news as soon as it happens, without waiting for a weekend.
News in Pictures contest now has double jackpots: 1st place: $10, 2nd place: $6, 3rd place: $4, 4th place: $2.
In the Creator's Comments, it is mandatory to link to a news story. You should use this format to make a link: [URL="http://SomeNewsSite.com"] news title[/URL]
Keep the BLACK as is, replace GREEN with the link, and replace the RED with the news story title.
( Themepost image credit: Associated Press )

National Beer Day
14 entries - contest ended 4/13/2014

April 7 is National Beer Day, a celebration of beer, fellowship, and the good people who facilitate beer's transformation from a humble grain to a glorious libation. National Beer Day, however, is not just another evening at the bar. Participants are encouraged to give one another the gift of beer by buying each other drinks and to express their gratitude to their favorite brewers, bartenders, and so forth by means of generous tips, thank you notes, or whatever else may be appropriate.
Create new beer brands by editing any existing beer brands, or creating them from scratch. Many thanks to rarely for the themepost.

Jackie Chan Movies
23 entries - contest ended 4/12/2014

Martial artist, actor and comedian, Jackie Chan celebrated his 60th birthday on Monday. Jackie Chan was born to a poor family in China, and his parents wanted to give him up for adoption because they could not afford to raise him nor could they even afford the hospital bill. However, after hearing from relatives who decided to help financially, Jackie's parents agreed to keep him and worked hard to raise him in Hong Kong and later in Australia where they relocated. Chan studied martial arts and acting in China Drama Academy. Upon graduation (he was 17), Jackie started acting as a stuntman in Bruce Lee movies. He soon started getting his own first roles in Hong Kong movies and became very famous in Asia. However, it was not until 90s when Chan became a true Hollywood icon with his comedy hits Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, and their sequels. Jackie is one of the very few actors that does most of his movie stunts by himself and has massive number of scars to prove it. Chan's on-screen fighting technique became very famous - he loves to use furniture in his fights. His Chinese name means "Cannonball."
For his 60th birthday, let's show Jackie Chan in the movies where he did not act, or create sequels to the movies where he did act.
Many thanks to mrmo2 for the themepost.

Remembering Mickey Rooney
13 entries - contest ended 4/11/2014

Legendary actor who entertained audiences for more than 80 years, Mickey Rooney died on Sunday. He was 93. Mickey started acting at the age of 6 and became a box-office powerhouse in the 30s and 40s. Through his long life he had 8 wives and 9 children, and received multiple awards, including two Academy Awards. Rooney also got into Guinness World Records as an actor with the longest career on stage and screen. Sadly, America lost Shirley Temple and Mickey Rooney both within a few months. It really is the end of an era. R.I.P. Mickey, you will be missed.
To pay tributes to Mickey Rooney, photoshop him any way you wish.
Themepost credit: The Boston Globe

Raphael 2014
21 entries - contest ended 4/10/2014

April 6 is the birthday of one of the greatest artists of all time, Raphael Sanzio, usually known by his first name alone. Together with Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, he forms the traditional trinity of Renaissance masters. Raphael got acquainted with art from his father Giovanni Santi, who was a court painter to the Duke of Urbino. Ironically, April 6 is also an anniversary of Raphael's death - he died on his 37th birthday. Through his short life, Raphael was extremely productive and produced many paintings, frescos, and prints. His "Sistine Madonna" is considered one of the most famous and most loved paintings of High Renaissance.
To celebrate the 531st birthday of Raphael Sanzio, show how Raphael's masterpieces would change if he created them these days. E.g. show how Raphael's would make a living nowadays by designing advertising for modern products and companies, include modern elements in his art works, etc. Many thanks to jeremix for the themepost.

Freak Show
19 entries - contest ended 4/9/2014

It's the Freak Show time of the week... Get your whips ready and get the freaking circus started!
In this contest you can photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply).
This is basically a weekly exhibition of your creative works with no "contest restrictions". Many thanks to Ninj for the themepost.

Letterman's Next Job
4 entries - contest started 4/15/2014 8:00:00 AM

David Letterman, the grandfather of the American late night television, announced that he will be retiring from the Late Show in the next several months. CBS picked Stephen Colbert to take over the show. Letterman turned turned 67 on April 12, and said he's thankful to his fans and CBS for many years of hosting the Late Show. After the staff sex scandal in 2009, he was suffering from depression, but managed to go back being himself, the true Letterman we knew and loved many years ago. So, for all those late nights, thanks Dave. It's been great.
Will Letterman be getting any job offers after his departure from the Late Show? Photoshop Letterman's next job or show what he'll be doing in his retirement. Themepost image credit: CBS

Da Vinci 2014
8 entries - contest started 4/14/2014 10:00:00 AM

This Tuesday is the 562nd birthday of Lenoardo Da Vinci. Leonardo was not only an artist but also a great scientist, inventor and mathematician of his times. Some scientists say that Da Vinci was "Einstein of Renaissance".
To celebrate the 562nd birthday of Leonadro Da Vinci, modernize his works any way you wish. Some examples are: include modern objects, sceneries, or people; merge his paintings with movie posters; commercialize his works by turning them into advertisements for modern products; turn them into billboards, etc. These are just some ideas. You are welcome to use Da Vinci's frescos and numerous sketches (e.g. Vitruvian man) in addition to paintings. Many thanks to pcrdds for the themepost.

Freak Show
7 entries - contest started 4/13/2014 10:00:00 AM

It's the Freak Show time of the week... Get your whips ready and get the freaking circus started!
In this contest you can photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply).
This is basically a weekly exhibition of your creative works with no "contest restrictions". Many thanks to BENXIBOX for the themepost.

13 entries - contest started 4/12/2014 10:00:00 AM

Tax Day - April 15 - is almost here. The tax filing deadline used to be March 1 in 1913, until it was changed to March 15 in 1918 and then to April 15 in 1955. Nowadays, Tax Day remains April 15, unless it falls on a weekend or national holiday - then the filing deadline is moved to the next business day.
Let us imagine what would happen if taxes were not taken in money, but instead were taken in fractions of taxed property. In this case IRS would simply cut off and take away part of your house, part of your car, part of your computer, etc. In this contest you are to photoshop any taxed objects with parts cut off and taken away from them. Some examples are: half a house, half a car, two-thirds of a dog, half a painting, etc. Many thanks to GarRobMil for the themepost.